What's the most disgusting or deranged thing you have ever heard of/been witness to?

I’m currently reading The Real Animal House by Chris Miller, recommended by a member of this board. It claims to be a collection of very raunchy and nasty stories from the fraternity that inspired the movie Animal House; these events were so hard-core, in fact, that they couldn’t make it into the movie. Yeah, right, I thought, probably just a lot of vomiting and skirt-chasing, nothing out of the ordinary. Well, there was that. And then there was the story of a Saturday night frat party, in which the brothers were listening on the radio to the story of a man who escaped from the psychiatric ward and crashed his car into a tree. A little while later, one of the brothers came into the party with a beer glass full of the dead man’s brains. Then he drank beer from the glass.

Now, the veracity of this story is a bit up in the air (just because, well, who would do that?), but it put me in the mood for some gross/shocking stories. So if anyone in Doperland has something they’ve experienced, seen, or heard of that can match that story, I’ll be impressed. And I know it can be hard to tell a fake story from a real one, but I’ll trust the Dopers’ judgment when it comes to that.

One more thing: I’d like to keep this thread light-hearted, so stories where people get impaled/gang-raped/what-have-you aren’t really what I’m looking for.

And as always, thanks for sharing. :wink:

I used to be an EMT. One night, we were at the ambulance entrance to a hospital to pick up a patient for transfer to a nursing home. While we were waiting, Houston EMS pulls up and offloads a guy who is screaming his lungs out. They run him in and a few minutes later, they come out wheeling the empty gurney.

My partner and I start yakking with them and we find out the story. Patient was a 50 some-odd year old guy who got snockered and picked up a chickie. They got back to his place and tried to do the nasty, and he couldn’t get it up. So he decided to help himself out.

He inserted a fever thermometer up his urethra. And it broke. At about this point in the story, every male within earshot crossed his legs and cringed.

A toddler wearing a swastika tee-shirt. :frowning:

My friend had to do his residency at Hennepin County Medical Center which is in downtown Minneapolis. ER had loads of homeless people come in. One night my friend was working, a guy wearing snowpants came in and complained of severe leg pain. Apparently the guy never took off the snowpants, and by never he meant NEVER. Which meant that a large amount of fecal matter had amassed in these snowpants and had been a feeding ground for maggots who had begun burrowing into his skin.

Was cleaning a house that was in third degree squalor. I was getting paid plenty, but after this, I was convinced these people were beyond help.

I lifted up a section of newspaper and found a dead kitten.

I forget how long it had been since the cat had had its litter. Not very long, though. I’ll never know exactly how the kitten met its demise. It might have been stepped on, or it might have been unable to find its mother and starved. Of course it’s always possible that it was the runt and never had a chance, but the bottom line is, someone must have seen that it was dead and simply tented the classified section over it, rather than dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

Note: You should always bury a dead animal, even if you don’t want to make a ceremony of it. It’s not cool to put it in the garbage, but good Og, they didn’t even do that…::walks off muttering::

A nurse friend told me the only situation that ever really grossed her out was a diabetic man who came into her ER. She pulled the blanket back from him and his entire lower body was gangrenous. :eek:

The man was rotting. He died because, well fuck, there’s only so much they can amputate off of you. I could tell by the look on her face and the tone of her voice that the sight was truly foul.

Man, there must be some definition of “light-hearted” with which I’m not familiar.

Quite a bit, actually.

I once had a coworker who had been born that way. When she was born they were going to put her down, but changed their minds. She ultimately became a college graduate, married, adopted kids and had a successful career.

You should do an “Ask the” thread. I’ve often wondered about the people who clean the houses on the show Hoarders.

Just yesterday, I read a true-crime book about Armin Meiwes, who killed and ate a willing, voluntary victim. Pretty gruesome.


I really don’t want to click on this, and yet, perversely, I do. What will I find if I do, please?

A lot of medical talk. No pics, thankfully.

If I recall from the time it became public, I think our of our fellow dopers knew the victim personally.

Ah, yes - here’s the thread

Much obliged. Talk about your radical surgery…! :eek:

Maggots won’t burrow into healthy flesh, is my understanding. I could be wrong, of course…

UGH!!! If I was residencing in an er with a lot of homeless people, I’d have to really keep myself from committing a lot of them. Far too many folks out there who just cannot function and who don’t have any resources…and yet you gotta wonder how someone like this got that way…Even a severely MR (meaning toddler level) person knows you don’t go poopy in your pants.

My second travel nurse assignment was in LA. On my way to work one day, I was stopped at a light when a man with a full beard, wearing a Donna Reed dress and picture hat, while dragging a huge plastic garbage bag, stopped in front of my car.

He pulled a live pigeon from under his arm and bit the head off. Then, he dropped the body onto the hood of my car and spit the head at my windshield. He then calmly finished his treck across the street.

I sat, stunned through the next green light.

Wow. I certainly won’t win the thread with what I came to post.

Back in high school, I was playing Truth or Dare with some friends and my dare was to lick peanut butter off a male friend’s forehead. I did. I’m straight, by the way, so the gross factor for me was mostly that it was a dude.

More along the lines of the example in the OP: At Swedish universities, the dinner party has been turned into an art form, with obscure rules varying from school to school and frat to frat. One common part is the gyckel; skits or songs performed between the main course and dessert. The purpose is generally to entertain, though there are frats that specialize in äckelgyckel (gross-out). These include such classics as

  • the tooth brushing (4-many performers. On a line facing the dinner guests. The first has a glass of water and a toothbrush. He brushes his teeth and rinses befroe spitting back into the glass. It is then passed to the next, who repeats. Somewhere along the line, one brusher spits his snus into the glass. The last performer drinks the glass.),
  • the coffee machine (Two performers take the stage. One undresses. The other puts a coin in the undressed’s mouth. A beer is poured over the back of the naked man and allowed to pour through the ass crack into a glass and then drunk. Alternatively the undressed urinates into the glass which is then drunk.),
  • and the ollonshot (Two performers, one naked lying on his back. He stretches his foreskin to form a cup from which the other performer then drinks a shot.)

Hey, they need to unwind, what with all the stress of exams and whatnot.

Grandma and Mom drinking tea, when the last cup was poured after they had already drank several a half dissolved cockroach came out. Both vomited immediately.