Things you've done/experienced/witnessed that could be out of a RomCom (or other movie genre)

I was reminiscing the other day about how when my daughter was (more of) a baby, I would often be at a loss for new lullabies to sing and so would launch into TV show themes like Gilligan’s Island and The Beverly Hillbillies. I could picture myself being shown on screen as a goofy first-time dad, a bit clueless, who had to resort to, well, Gilligan’s Island to get his kid to sleep.

Another time, when my wife and I were first dating and I had just introduced her to my family, I mentioned over lunch how impressed they all were with her. She was happy to hear it and said “Really?!” . . . with a big piece of spinach stuck between her front teeth.

Maybe it doesn’t sound so funny and you had to be there, but I’ve felt that these and a few other moments in my life could easily be taken straight out of some romantic comedy or other.

How about you?

At a rather inopportune moment the motion of the bed, bumped the nightstand just so, tipping over a candle, bringing flame into contact with a paper item on the night stand.

Small fire ensued…

it was about 25 seconds of :eek::eek::eek::eek:
scramble around, beat out fire with my pants.

Followed by laughing our asses off for the next few minutes at the various permutations of “sex so hot we caught the place on fire”

My first year of college, I have a biology professor who was just completely head-over-heels in love with his wife, who he mentioned in class all the time. The university was trying to get him to retire, so he only taught in the fall semesters, staying in Austin for the weeks, then spending weekends and the rest of the year at his house out in West Texas.

One day, he said “Everyone, Gail’s here, she came in to surprise me today.”

Immediately, the entire lecture hall stood up and clapped. It was so sweet.

Mine would be my 16th birthday. I was participating in an environmental program where 150 or so students spent a week taking the train from Vancouver BC to Prince George BC. We would stop at various towns along the way learning about sustainable forestry and local cultures and ecosystems. I had a good time on the trip but I was shy and didn’t think I was making friends. On the trip people were encouraged to bring any instruments that they played and occasionally we would perform to the group.

So it was the evening of my sixteenth birthday and I was kinda bummed that I couldn’t spend it with my friends and I was feeling like a bit of a loner. After dinner a couple of people asked me to play my flute for the whole group. When I was done all 150 kids burst into a round of Happy Birthday. I still get all warm and fuzzy when I think of it.

I’ve had a lot of romantic greetings and partings at train stations, which I guess is more black and white weepy than romcom.

My current GF and I got together while we were making a birthday present for a mutual friend - I guess that could be a decent montage part-way through.

It was a scene that you’d probably roll your eyes at if you saw it in a RomCom or a sitcom, but I was on the NYC subway, trundling along uptown, when a pretty redhead halfway down the car caught my eye. She was looking right at me, with a half smile that sort of challenged me to keep looking at her, so I did. She got up from her seat and started walking toward my seat, but stopped when she got to the door and stood there, waiting for the train to stop, still looking at me, half smile, and now sort of a raised eyebrow as if to say, “well? Are you going to just sit there?”

I was frozen to my seat. I was struck by her beauty, her boldness in looking right into my eyes, her smile, her raised eyebrow which said so much.

The door opened, and she walked through it. Then she turned on the platform to look through the window at me, and I returned the gaze at her on the platform. Her expression now said, “you should have gotten off with me”. The doors closed and the train started moving.

Then I realized it was my stop.