Think of a famous Photo.

Inspired by [the title of] this thread

What is the first (not the ‘best’) photo that springs to mind when asked to think of a famous photo (i.e. what was the first photo you thought of when you saw this thread.)
Mine was… this one

[sub]although I always thought the picture included earth in the background. On googling it turns out it doesn’t. That is the photo I thought of though[/sub]

This one.

Here is how it was done…

**[SIZE=1][FONT=Arial Narrow][**color=#f8f8f8]Given the solipsistic, immoral, anarchic nihilism endemic to a world (universe?) without God, does it (would it) make sense to invent a God?[/size][/font][/color]

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That’s the same one I had in mind.

whoops. wrong thread. (doofus)

I’m thirding MsWhatsit’s photo.

This one:

Oddly, I thought of an old photo of Lincoln. How weird.

Beowulff, that’s the second one I thought of.

I’m guessing it’s the one that was what was parodied on the Simpsons when someone (can’t remember who) grabbed Lisa Simpson and kissed her.

Me too.

Recently I heard that the sailor didn’t know the nurse and that she slapped him afterward. Any truth to that?




I third (or is it second-and-a-half?) beowulff’s linked photo.

This one

That was also the first one I thought of.
The second was this.

I’m not sure why, exactly, but this one popped into my head when I saw the thread title.

Someone did an amusing doctor of that image, with everyone in it being a band.