"Think of a woman named Pat, but without the 'P'"

“then draw her. That’s a ‘3’”.

That was my response to a middle-school girl (my peer at the time) trying out an extremely rudimentary strategy of “playing dumb” to look cute (“how do you draw a ‘3’ again? Tee-hee!”). Of course, what I told her was complete nonsense.

“So…a woman named At?”
“No. A woman named Pat. You have to think of Pat first, then take away the ‘P’ and see how she looks. She’d look like a ‘3’”.

That kept her up all night.

As it will me.


Whatsamatter with that, McNew? All it means is that blue ice cream has no bones!


:confused: Sound reasonable to me.

I don’t get it either. Come back and explain…

There’s nothing to explain. It just superficially sounds like a genuine puzzler but it’s not. It’s completely meaningless and I made it up on the spot. I just thought it was funny that she took it seriously enough to actually think about it.

I believe you.

I once saw my Aunt Pat take a pee. She was very drunk at the time.

I once peed on my Aunt Pat.

[sub]Hey, I was eight months old, cut me some slack[/sub]

My Aunt Pee once stepped in a cow pat.

So, this girl who’s about your age was doing whatever it took for you to think she’s cute…and you blew her off?

Not exactly. Apparantly he started talking to her about urine.

You saved this story for how many years, now?

The OP has been detained on suspicion of PWI (Posting While Intoxicated).


Heh, I think I was just a guinea pig.

Oh, about a decade.

No soap: radio!

If you were driving your canoe down the street and all but 6 wheels fell off, how many pancakes would it take to shingle a house?

Bonnie Tyler

It makes perfect sense to me. All you have to do is take the P out of PAT like you said. You are left with “AT”. Now, what company does that refer to? Most people would say AT&T. What stock price is AT&T currently trading “AT”? $38.76. Notice the first digit. That is how you draw a three.

Am I the only one that reads the stock section in the paper these day? I weep for our youth.