Think YOU'VE got skin problems?

Mina Suvari may have a third nipple, Mark Whalburg does.

Liz Hurley has acne scars.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Liz Taylor both have tracheotomy scars.

You wouldn’t believe the chicken pox scars!


[rhetorical alert]Why do I insist on reading this stuff during lunch? Why can’t I just do it like everybody else…when I’m supposed to be working?[/rhetorical alert]

Lovely. Just lovely. And informative too!

Hey!! I have a third nipple and that’s not nice at all. :frowning:

Give it a rest silent_rob…I was being sarcastic.

I would like to humbly offer myself up for science and volunteer to take a closer look at Mina Suvari’s third nipple.

I do this because, like others, my relentless pursuit of truth, high science, education and, yes, folks, my selfless desire to give knowledge to others drives me forward - nay, THRUSTS me forward into this realm of nipple trisomy.

I beg you, do not feel sorry for me. Though I may be repulsed, I will not back down until I have experienced every sensation these three nipples have to offer. The spirit is strong, the flesh weak - and though I may waver in my physical pursuit, I shall not let you down.

Onward. The pursuit of science pushes me to Mina.


p.s. If I don’t make it back, give my regards to Broadway.

On the other hand, I once read an interview with Robert Duvall in which the writer commented on how flawless Duvall’s complexion was. Go figure.

Mwa-hahahaha I laugh at you puny 2 and 3 nipple people. For I have 4 nipples and am not ashamed to admit it!

Sorry, Sue, my mistake.

Having a Golden Retriever doesn’t count, Tiki.

Hey I don’t have any animals/pets! I honestly have 4 nipples. It’s kinda gross and funny lookin’ but really I do.

you know…i think I have a possible third nipple that isnt. Why? Cause directly below my right one, on my chest but above my abdomen is a round birthmark. Maybe it’s just a birthmark…hum.

Oh and Edward James Olmos has probably THE worst acne scars i’ve seen on an actor.

I’ve been looking for a place to bring this up and it seems to be the right time…

I’ve got this thing on the bottom of my left foot…It’s kind of like permanent “water Pruning”, but it’s like the outer layer of skin has been eroded away. No pain, no redness, no itching, no burning, no noticible discomfort at all…just very strange to look at…and just the one foot. Been there for a very long time.

Any Clues? Should I find a Dermatologist or a podiatrist?

Maybe a psychologist?

silent_rob emailed me an apology for misunderstanding my sarcasm yesterday.

It was totally unnecessary because I was being handy-ish yesterday…it must be PMS.

Anyway, I thought I would post part of my reply to Rob, since I expounded a bit more on what I was thinking when I posted this link.

Go see a general prac. (they can refer you to a Podiatrist if need be…unless you have insurance where you don’t need referrals).

Just for piece of mind.

Yeah, It’s about time for a physical anyway, it is after all the 21st Century now.

      • Did they ever find out what happened to Sharon Stone’s neck? IIRC, she has a big scar across the lower front of her neck, that looks like somebody slashed her throat. It’s been there in every movie she’s made, and she avoids clothes with low-cut fronts because of it (she usually wears chokers for close-ups). I found a website once that showed photos of it from her movies, and that said that she had always refused to explain what it was from. - MC

Is it just me, or is this site, KINDA mean?
I’m not a prude, or a goody goody, but I mean, what if someone posted pictures of Joe Average on the street who had acne just to make fun of him?
That’s kind of nasty!