Has anyone else used I stumbled across it last night while playing Sudoku and now I’m hooked, although pretty bad at making pictures. Heh.

Anyway, I just wanted to offer up another fun time-waster to my fellow Dopers in case anyone has some to spare when they’re not on here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found it a few weeks ago, too. Yup, at Lots of fun and I spent about an hour on one of my pictures.

Ah, that’s my favorite sudoku site. Glad to see I’m not the only one who likes it.

And as to thinkdraw, I swear I could spend hours there. I just wish they had more choices than just candy, fruit and flowers to use. Yeah, I know there’s the whole goth thing (and the faces too), but since I suck at those, they don’t count.


Alright, how many Dopers are over there now besides me and Wallflower? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a MadRabbitWoman and a WomanofScorn. Perhaps my friend Daniel too. Fess up y’all! Anyone else?

Oh, and here’s my bestest picture so far. And another I think Equipoise might like. :slight_smile:

I’m liking this. You commented on my pic over there, faithfool!

Wow, faithfool, your pictures are absolutely fabulous! You were just being modest in the OP, weren’t you?

When I first registered there, Wallflower was taken as a username, which it often is, so I used my backup likeawallflower. I don’t have very many yet, but this one is my favorite.

What’s the relationship to Sodoku?

I didn’t realize that was you when I was admiring your picture! :slight_smile:

Oh my, thank you. I’m absolutely shocked at the warm reception my stuff is getting. It’s been such a positive (and addictive) experience, to the point I can’t wait to do more.

And I agree that it’s very nice. I’ll have to keep an eye out for you too now I know what your username is.

None that I know of. It’s just where I found the initial link to their site.

I’m having fun playing with the candy pieces. I had to stop myself from reaching in and plucking a piece out of the screen. Now I gotta make a candy run on my coffee break!

I went there last night after reading this thread and now I’m addicted. It’s my new favorite time waster. I do wish they had more tools and colors, though.

faithfool, thanks for the nice comments. I’m off to try some more creative drawings.

Here’s my first one.

The controls are kind of tedious, though. It’d be better if we could select a single laid-down piece to move or delete… and hit a “repeat” key instead of scrolling through the menu again. And rotate the orientation of the pieces, and customize colors, and…

I’m glad to see so many of y’all over there (even if I didn’t know it was you guys) and having fun. The unbelievable amount of talented and unexpected depths of creativity has me spending more time there than I undoubtedly should. So I’m glad to have another new obsession. I just hope more SDMBers come join in.

Oh, and 'mika, I saw you too. :wink: