Thinking About Leaving

I’m not getting enough attention. I’m a big fuckup and not as funny or as smart as the rest of you! My threads sink like a stone and nobody loves me. Please come in and tell me how much you want to have my babies and how I never make typos and my thread titles are all so fucking hilarious. Please! If you don’t come in here and fix my ego I may cut myself.

Oh, you like me!? OK, I guess I’ll stay for a little while, until my fragile ego needs stroking again. Then I may think about leaving again.


Is this a parody of sorts?

Oh, please, please don’t leave. If you do, I shall rend my garment in twain.

I think it’s this one, Coldie:

Good one. Those types of posts/threads are no more that pathetic pleas for attention. If you want to leave, be my guest just be sure to shut the fuck up about it. Thanks.


I always read your thread, Demo. I’ve been stalking you for years, baby.

Someone just messaged me that I’m supposed to link to parodied threads. It’s this one. Sorry about that. And, thanks, Troy McClure.

Actually, I’d rather you have my babies if it’s all the same to you. I don’t want to ruin my girlish figure (I don’t love you that much).

It’s times like these I’m reminded why I don’t read MPSIMS with any regularity. And I say that as a stupid unfunny person who [should live in the forum named for the Mundane and Pointless. :smiley:

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

And pick up a gallon of milk on the way home.

PS - I’ll stroke your “ego” if you stroke mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dork. :smiley:

And you left the “SF” off my name (never mind that you didn’t bold it). This kind of shit happens too much and I’m leaving forever; fuck you all. And by forever I mean until after lunch.

I think we should fight for Demo’s right to have babies.

I actually didn’t even look in that thread at all. I knew it would be a big fucking group hug complete with knee-jerk criticism of anyone not willing to stroke the OP’s ego. Sometimes I feel similarly, but I ultimately don’t give a fuck what you guys think of me. I am definitely curious, but knowing wouldn’t really change anything, so I’m not going to troll for warm fuzzies. Either deal with the feedback you get (or lack therof) and stay, or fucking leave. But those types of threads are pretty fucking annoying.

As are these.

Demo, do you really think anyone gives two shits if you want to leave? Sheesh, you’re stupid…even for a filthy Mexican. :wink:

Oh, and you’re ~ too.

If it means I don’t have to have a bowling ball shoot out of my twat, I’ll fight that fight!

Where do I sign up?

Oh sure, you had to drag lunch into it. It’s always a slam about food, isn’t it? You think I don’t notice the obvious slap in the face? Well, that’s it. I’m leaving in a huff. Or maybe a minute and a huff. ::waggles eyebrows::

Who wants to fight me for Demo’s right to have babies?

Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

Just go already will you. Puh-leeze.

I wanted to not respond to this thread so it would sink, but I had to let put in my .02.

In the pit? Surely not.

Haven’t been pitted in a while. cool. thanks.

(I actually was thinking of leaving. and since like it or not this is a community and some humans do give a fuck about other humans in communities I decided I should let people know)