Thinking about watching "American Horror Story". Does it suck?

'Tis the season for scary movies/shows, and I keep reading about the series “American Horror Story.” I’m thinking of giving it a whirl. Is it worth it?

If it is, from what I understand, each season is its own series. So I could watch the first season or the second. The second sounds a little more interesting to me. Is either season better than than the other? If it matters, I’d stream the first from Netflix, the second one looks like I’d have to buy it. Not that huge of a deal for me, but if the first season is better AND free, I’d probably go that way.

The first season was quite good- excellent actors, beautiful cinematography, and a fairly good storyline. The second season was a muddled mess (but it was still very pretty).

The third season, based on the first episode, looks a lot closer to the first than it does to the second.

I liked the second season better than the first, to a point (it went off the rails in the last four or five episodes trying to tie off the loose ends of too many plot lines that were abandoned). The first was more focused, but I found it more humorous than horrific.

My wife is the complete opposite.

Hard to tell so far with the new season, but I’m hopeful.

It’s pretty good. The first season has a more coherent plot, but stops being particularly scary about halfway through, ending up somewhere between Desperate Housewives and Beetlejuice. The second season gets progressively more horrifying, but also significantly less comprehensible, as it moves towards its conclusion.

I haven’t started the third season yet.

We’re no fans of horror but well done (e.g., Alien, Silence of the Lambs, etc.) it’s in our range.

We got about 20 minutes into the pilot and turned it off, bored stiff at the cliches and pretentiousness. No interest in seeing another minute of it, as intrigued by Jessica Lange in nun’s habit as I might have been.

Am I right in believing it’s a sort of continuing miniseries format, with an ensemble cast returning for a different 12-part story each season?

The intros for both seasons imply a more graphic, slasher genre than the show really is IMHO.

The first season is fairly tightly focused in terms of its plot, whereas the second was absolutely wild in the number of characters, different plot threads, and mundane and supernatural antagonists.

I liked both, in a sort of guilty pleasure way. I thought Jessica Lange’s performance was better in the second season. I disliked Dylan McDermott’s character from the first season, so that was another reason I prefer the second.

Basically, but only some of the actors return between seasons.

It really depends on if you like that sort of thing. The show is all over the place and a bit of a mess, but it is cheesy good fun and pretty entertaining. I liked the first season better than the second, but looking forward to the third.

I’ll second this. However, I love terrible horror movies. There is no amount of batshit-crazy plotlines, scenery-chewing, or improbable origin stories that can make me shut this crap off.