Thinking of getting a Dachshund

I haven’t had a dog in over 10 years. I lost my beloved Taffy (a salt and pepper Min Schnauzer) when I was 20 after being graced with her presence for 12 years. Mom had to put her down due to cancer. I was in college at the time and didn’t tell me until after I had finished my exams :frowning: . Talk about a major heartache.

Anyway, now I feel that I am ready for the responsibility of a pet again. My Mom lives with my husband (a long haul truck driver) and myself. I am at work a lot and she has says the house gets lonely, so I figured, why not a pet? Mom agreed. We have been looking at Petfinder for a while, and I think I may have found a winner. His name is Sammy.

I have to get something that doesn’t shed, due to my allergy to dog dander. Mom, in addition to the osteoporosis, COPD, heart disease, diabetes, and 6 ruptured discs, :eek: is violently allergic to cats.

So, what do you think?

I think you’ll be happy with a dachs. Our doesn’t shed, is very smart and has lots of personality. He’s the definition of fiesty.

Do you have stairs? They can be hard on a doxie’s back. They are very prone to back problems later in life. Most of the ones I’ve seen are fat, as well.

But they’re sooooooooo cute! Best of luck to you!

Damn you! You just made me realize how much I want a Dachshund and can’t have one! It’s not fair, I tells ya’!

I hear that they are very full of energy, so just make sure you are aware of that before hand.

I had a beloved Dashund growing up named Corky. Loved him beyond measure and buried him when I was 7 months pregnant with my first child. He was a very intelligent and loyal dog.

For the past year, we’ve been dog-sitting my brother’s mini-dashund while they are out of the country. This dog licks us more than any other dog I’ve ever met :smiley: She’s also pretty smart; although she’s has had more than her fair share of inside potty accidents. I’ll miss her when she moves back in with them.

Here’s my vote for getting a dashund!

I luved my Dachy(pronounced Ducky). But he did have his fault. He bit other dogs. He was extremely jealous. He would follow me around and if he was irritated (like if you ran from him) he would nip your ankles. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

My standard wirehair is very naughty, but I love him very much.

I have no idea what “petfinder” is, but please make sure you’re getting your dog from a reputable breeder.

petfinder is a clearing house of sorts for humane societies and rescue organizations all over the country.

It’s a mini, right? Standard Dachs get to be rather large (30 pounds).

Oh, and all dogs shed. Hopefully you can find one that doesn’t trigger your allergies too badly.

Good luck!

I dunno. I had a B210 a while back that was quite the lemon.


My mini is named “Brownie”. She weighs about 8.5 to 9 pounds, but that is 9 pounds of fun! She burrows into the covers and pillow cases for her many daily naps, will give all the kids a good bath at night if they let her, but mostly just keeps all the laps warm. She is not much of a barker and never digs.

She has a dog-door, so no potty problems.

I received a reply to my application:

I suppose that makes me #3.

Thanks for the replies. Other family members had Doxies, so I know they can be bundles of energy. I think he is a standard, but that’s OK. I’ll just have to watch what he eats, Lord knows I need to be doing the same thing :).

My mom’s got a standard doxie right now, and he’s a sweetheart. Poor thing thinks he’s a mini, though - he doesn’t quite get that he’s grown about 10 inches too long for the regulation lap. When he jumps up, he figures it out in midair and flings that long nose up to compensate, hitting you on the underside of the chin while scrabbling at your legs with those fast little feet! That snout should be a registered weapon, I tells ya!

Good luck on the adoption. Good to know Sammy has at least one good home waiting for him.

All I can think about when I hear about dachunds is a personal story from the lady who works Circ at the library. Her extremely spoiled dachund and the snow storm and how poor little Oscar* has to drag his wang through the snow to take a whiz.
She says there are trails in the snow, if you know what I mean.
*This name is standard for weener dogs.

I’ve heard from loyal daschund owners (and found out from personal experience) that females can be quite nippy and high-strung and mean, but males are always more mellow and laid-back, almost catlike in demeanor. But they are incredibly cute and hilarious dogs.

I’ve also heard about their back problems, and how a house with stairs is a very bad idea for doxies. A friend of mine had to get back surgery performed on her doxie.

We had two dachshunds while I was growing up.

Both almost as smart as a coffee maker, but not quite. Both developed back problems. Neither shed very much, if that is important. My mother, whose instinct is unerrring when it comes to picking out The Worst Dogs On Earth, now owns a Boston Terrier.

Every creature she cares for turns neurotic, which explains much of my own personality. So perhaps it is my mother who is the root cause.

My $.02 worth.


I had a mini a few years ago. He was mostly a good dog, but he did suffer from separation anxiety. I had to cage him when I left for work.

He was adorable, though, and smart. We ended up having to put him down at only 7 years old due to back problems. Broke my heart.

My mother still has a female, she’s over 10 year old now, a good hunting dog, and just a good dog in general.

I’m not a pet owner: I’m slightly alergic to cats and can’t give a dog the attention they need. Anyhow, a few years back I dated a woman with a cute dachshund. I miss that dog. …Wait, that didn’t come out right…

Yes, it had back problems.

Anyhow, nearly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen is wienerdog racing. The local harness-racing track and Wienerschnitzel hosts it once a year as a fund raiser for doxie protection groups.

They of course have to modify things a bit. The cuteness starts with the starting gate they bring out, done up to a suitably small scale. The dogs race for only a hundred feet or so down the front stretch of the track; there are several heats. NO - the track does not allow betting. (The groups make their money off of the admission charge and souveniers.) One pet owner puts the dog in the gate; the other pet owner stands at the finish line with the dog’s favorite squeaky toy.

(No, the GF didn’t bring her dog - didn’t make arrangements soon enough.)

Some of the dogs have the attention span to actually finish the race, but, er, most do not. They forget what they’re doing and start playing with each other mid-race. Some of those shorties, though, can really scoot right along.

Repeat, very cute.

I have a mini-dach called Skippy. He’s very nice, but does have a high-pitched bark if that bothers you.

Our mini took no time at all to take over the family. Be warned - if your doxy wants to play fetch or tug of war, or get her belly rubbed, she will not permit you to do anything else instead.