Thinking of switching from Spectrum to AT&T Uverse. Recommendations?

I’ve really had it with Spectrum, and from the numbers I’m running I can save money and get faster internet with AT&T (depending on how much they charge for premium channels).

I searched and didn’t find many recent threads, so I thought I’d ask for fresh recommendations on this. If you have Uverse and/or AT&T fiber internet, what have your experiences been? Will I be able to keep my wifi router? Is it true their “cable boxes” are wireless? General satisfaction?

Thanks in advance!

I have AT&T fiber 1 gigabit, not paying them for TV so no comment there. Very high bandwidth, decent but not the best ping/latency I have ever had. Requires two boxes, the NID that converts the fiber to ethernet and their wireless router. Their router is not optional, won’t authenticate without it in the chain. You can turn off the wifi and set it up to forward the external IP though to your own router if you want, but can’t just not use it. The one I have would be used for VOIP phone and TV as well if subscribed to those. Has wireless AC and decent signal if I were using it, but I did set up my own router after it so I could use DD-WRT and a separate PiHole for adblocking.

Edit to add I just did a speed test, see if this works:

I tried UVerse fiber optic internet, while keeping my own Spectrum ( nee Time Warner ) cable internet, so I could test and compare. I did so because ATT touted nearly comparable speed but for less cost…plus I wanted to try out fiber optic anyway. The service was fast…sometimes. Most times it was about half as fast as cable. Fast enough that I could live with it.

I went back to cable internet even though the cost is more because I’m so used to ( spoiled by? ) by the smoking fast speed. I did end up switching my TV to Uverse though, and am quite happy with it.