Thinning Hair Problem

My hair is thinning, I just saw a commercial on TV about a new product called “Procede”, where they claim you only apply the stuff just once every 3 months and in some cases start to see results immediately. Price tag is kind of hefty $199 for the 3 month deal.

My problem is this, I realize that alot of the products available for men going bald are for the back side of the head (back side on the top). My hair is thinning out in the front. Not receding just thinning.

Anyone have a similar problem with thinning hair on the front part of the head? Has anyone out there tried “Procede”.

If I could go bald I would, but I’ll tell you right now, my head is to big and lopsided to even go that route. Some people shouldn’t go bald, I just happen to be one of them.

I am sure others will correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the only product that seems to help, a very little, is Rogaine. The rest is all snake oil.

It is a sad fact of life that men lose their hair. Get over it. Either shave your head, or have a perm (don’t laugh, the extra curl will cover the balding spots for a few months/years) or start wearing hats a lot.

Do NOT do a comb over, do NOT buy a wig, do NOT get hair implants. All look like crap.

You ain’t lying. I’d shave my head if I could…other than the hat thing, I guess the only other option is the metro looking haircuts. The one where the back side of the hair at the top is combed forward or the short mohawk look.

Propecia is also FDA approved. Its a systemic treatment with many side effects, like impotence. Pregnant women are warned not to touch the pills.
Since it has FDA approval, it has, to one extent or another, been proved by double blind testing to work.
Hair transplantation has checkered results, and the long term success is pretty low. I guess if you have the money for plugs every few years…
Rogaine stops hair loss as long as its used regrowth is usually more like fur than hair, and all the regrowth falls out in a few weeks if the Rogaine is stopped.
There are other drugs that grow hair. They aren’t used to grow hair, because they have side effects ( or their desired effects) that are too risky, oh, and they don’t necessarily grow it in the places one would normally see hair, but instead, places like, the eyelids, forehead, or cheekbones.
So, its either baldy or wolf-boy :smiley:

Do try and remember that losing your hair isn’t a fault, it’s perfectly natural.
Whilst you might not like it, get used to it and keep it tidy (I shave mine off).
I feel it’s a sort of psychological issue; getting used to the new you when you’ve been so used to seeing the old you is really tough, but it gets easier. Once you’ve become familiar with your new self image, you’ll stop worrying about it.
Do I wish I still had hair? Well, yeah. Does it bother me that I’ve not got a lot on top? Not really:)

It’s called the Caesar haircut. Care to guess how long it’s been around?

Since salad was invented?

Your talkin’ about the one with the bangs…don’t want that one.

My hair hasn’t started thinning yet, but it runs rampant on both sides of the family so it’s really just a matter of time. My strategy is to shave it. That way, even if I do go bald, I won’t even notice the difference.

And I’ll repeat what has been posted: no combover. Don’t try it. Don’t even think about it for too long.

My dad was Commander Combover all the way until I was an undergrad. I decided very early that I would not go that route. So I keep it buzzed down to a quarter inch or less where it still exists and take comfort from how little effort or worry it causes me.

On a tangential note, one of the most annoying things in life is the splat of a big, fat drop of rain on the top of a bald head. Not a regular drop, but one of those big-ass drops that collects on the awning or tree branch and finally lets go once it reaches a certain weight. SMACK. Right on the top of my head. People near me me can actually hear it hit.

Forgive me for laughing out loud at this image! :smiley:

On another tangential note, my hubby’s hairline has seriously receded and he has a bald spot at the crown. Our young son once told him, matter-of-factly, “You’ve got a hole in your hair, Daddy!”

Bangs? Barely