Third Generation Doper Born

Two weeks ago my son Darth Nader and his wife Perla became the parents of a five-pound baby boy named Damian. He was born by Caesarian Section six-weeks early. Parents and baby are at home now, all doing well. Are there any other third generation Dopers on this board or is Damian the first?

Congratulations . . . to my knowledge, this is a first!

If this is a first, how appropriate his name is Damian. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Just kidding. Congrats to the family.

So…when’s he gonna register? :smiley:

Congratulations to all!


Have any pictures? :smiley: I love baby pictures.

As far as I know they’re the first third generation on the SDMB. Soon, the WORLD!!
Isn’t the name Damien an Omen of some kind?


"Grats to Grandma, Darth, Perla and Doper III, er, Daimian.

Well, where are the pictures???



Whoops, nearly missed this thread!

Thanks, everyone. I’m working on the pics, I swear. And Baby doesn’t need an account quite yet, methinks :slight_smile:

Again, everyone here says “Thanks.”

[sub]Actually, Baby says “Eehhuuuhthripppb!”, but we’ll forgive him…[/sub]

Third generation. Hey, that’s pretty cool. Congrats.

(You all realize that by the time we get to the fourth generation, we’ll be able to read the Dope wirelessly via our surgically implanted skullboxes…)