Third-party voters this year - what Dem/Pub candidates would you vote for instead?


Third-party candidate whom you plan to vote for
Democratics, if any, whom you would consider voting for instead if they were running for president.
Same for Republicans.
I will vote for the Libertarian candidate (Badnarik iirc).
I’d consider voting for Lieberman.
I probably would vote for McCain.

I’m voting Libertarian.
Would certainly prefer Bush over Kerry. Not many other Republicans or Democrats of national prominence whom I would consider voting for.

As an aside, I’m a bit perplexed by your choice of McCain as a plausible Republican. As a libertarian voter, I would assume you are in favor of limited government. McCain is about as far from being in favor of limited government as anyone in elected office. He supports infringements on the First Amendment (campaign finance reform) and the Second Amendment (gun control), higher taxes, government regulation of tobacco, stricter government regulations of broadcasters, and increased fines for “indecency” to name a few. The man is as far from being a libertarian as Teddy Kennedy.

I’m voting for Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian nominee. I love his slogan…they have Bush/Kerry/Nader asking us to trust them to run our lives…and Michael Badnarik says he trusts US to run our own lives. Says it all really. Too bad he has zero chance of even getting on the board in a meaningful way.

Anyway, of the main stream candidates not running in the OP, I’d vote for Lieberman over Kerry and McCain over Bush…but that doesn’t say much really.


I’m a member of the Socialist Party, but no way am I voting for the Socialist candidate (can’t even recall his name, at the moment). Nor for Nader. There’s just too much at stake – I’m supporting Kerry. (Well, technically I’m still supporting Kucinich, since he’s still in the race, but only until Thursday.)