third time unlucky

My friends down south have just separated.
This is his third wife, and he is only 37.
I don’t know what the problem is; maybe he repeats bad patterns or maybe he just gives up too easily.
He has a daughter, which is sad, cause she has known 2 “mommies”, neither of which are her biological one(whom she saw for the second time inher life a few weeks ago).

What makes a marriage work?
I was married twice, and it was horrible, but I stuck with it.

Commitment. Love is not enough. Sometimes you just don’t love your partner at times. Marriage is a cycle, good times, bad times, mundane times…but I’ve yet to hear anyone who has been married for any length of time say that it’s easy.

Commitment, trust and most of all, friendship. The lust will fade in a marriage (but will hopefully never disappear completely) and if you aren’t friends with your spouse I, think the marriage will eventually fail. If you’re going to spend 50+ years with a person, you better make sure you like them as a person.