Third Watch -- who is showing first runs? (spoilers)

I just watched the episode where Bobby gets killed. I was confused because I was watching A&E at 10 pm, and I didn’t figure that was first run, but I thought I’d seen Bobby on recent episodes aired on channel 13. But I watch lots of reruns of lots of shows, so I could be confused. So am I just mistaken about having seen him? How long ago did he die? Also, what was his relationship with that female paramedic, his partner? Were they more than that? Why was it so important for her ex-husband to go explain to their kid that Bobby was dead?

It’s on NBC Monday nights. I think that episode you saw was from last year.

That epsiode (Bobby getting killed) was from the middle-ish of the second season, from the 2000-2001 season. It was called “Unfinished Business.”

In the first season, Bobby admitted to having a crush (well, more than a crush) on Kim, and on Valentine’s Day (still season 1), they slept together, but she dumped him the next morning. He was mad at her and said she still loved her ex-husband, but she claimed she didn’t.
As time went on, she realized that she did love him, but he died before anything happened.

A&E was showing them in order, but they skipped a whole bunch by showing that one last night. If they continue going in order from this episode, some really bad stuff happens with Kim…and then this season ends in the Spring of 2001. The next season picks up with a great episode called “September 10th”, taking place the day before 9-11. It ends the morning of 9-11, with each of the characters responding to the WTC.

First-run shows are on Mondays at 9:00 (here on the East Coast), and they’re in the fourth season.

Here is a pretty good episode guide at the A&E site.