Spoil Jack & Bobby 12/31 for me

Arg! My MIL called while I was watching Jack & Bobby. Can someone tell me what happened? She called right as Bobby was kissing the girl at the Bar Mitzva. Of course I knew what was going to happen… there’s Warren watching the entire thing. Bobby Chased after him, and they managed to make up. How? What happened?

And did I see the ending correctly? (I may have switched channels while trying to turn on closed captioning) I saw someone get beat up in a alley. What the hell?



I got the impression that Warren overheard the entire conversation with the girl, so he knew that she didn’t like him, and that Bobby was trying to get her to dance with him. Bobby calmed his friend down by saying something like, “she doesn’t like you, but there are 300 other people here who do.”

That was Jack getting mugged at the end when he was taking out the trash. A man in a voiceover said that after a nuclear bomb was unleashed by a terrorist group (on Sept 12th in Chicago) his life and presidency would never be the same.

This was the second time I caught the show, and I missed the beginning entirely. My cable guide said something about buying condoms, and I want to know more about the gay uncle. Is he a regular? Why was he staying with them?

I like what I’ve seen so far. I think the acting is very good, especially by the mother and Bobby.

Great. After all that fuss about spoilers, now we have to worry about spoiling future episodes too? :smack:

Won’t somebody think of the west coast!

Yeah yeah yeah, I was hating life as soon as I pressed ‘submit’ I thought about emailing the mods, but what the hell, I don’t think this thread will be alive longer than a few hours, let alone a whole month!

If I’m not mistaken the voice over is Bobby’s Chief of staff. I don’t know much about the show either, but here’s what I do know…
The show is about a great american president (Bobby) told in flashbacks. Except the flashbacks are occuring in 2004… and the great american presidency is actually 40 (or so) years from now.

Grace (Jack’s & Bobby’s mom) asked her brother (The gay uncle) to stay with them. This is only his 2nd episode. he’s listed as guest star, so I don’t imagine he’ll be around long. I’m not sure, but I they in one of the ‘flash forwards’, it’s mentioned that Jack dies. I love the show, but I’ve only seen 4 or 5 episodes myself.