This baby thing's a doddle...

so far.

I’m a father. Stephanie was born last Monday. So far she has not only been what we expected on the positive side - beautiful and enchanting - but quite unexpectedly easygoing. Life is very good.

Thanks to the G’Dopers who assisted me when I sounded clueless, I think I can even post a picture of her when she was about three hours old.

Isn’t she cute?


Congratulations! Little Stephanie is beautiful!


Good grief that’s a great pic of a beautiful baby!!

Awwww…and look at all that hair!

(I’m the mother of a bald baby.)

Congratulations and thank your lucky stars for your first lesson in the nature vs nurture debate. My first son was an absolute horror - poor sleeper, required constant attention, I used to put him in the car and drive him around at night because it put him to sleep, could only be left alone at great risk. Number two son was like your daughter - laid back, easy going, anyone could have looked after him.

Have fun.

What a cutie! Congratulations.

Congratulations, hawthorne!

She’s just lovely, hawthorne. Congratulations to you and your family.

Aww congrats! She’s a cutie :slight_smile:

She’s gorgeous!

She’s beautiful, hawthorne! Congratulations! My first two babies were very easy, as well; no colic, slept through the night very early, etc. My third one made up for it, though :wink: . (Not really; my third one was still what most people would consider a pretty easy baby, just the first two were so easy, it made the third one look harder than she was).

Everyone say it with me now: Awwww…

She’s adorable. Congrats!

Congrats!!! Kids are awesome. I’ve got a 1 & 4 year old, and whatever you do, don’t blink - they grow up too fast. And they aren’t so much trouble. Until they start walking and talking, then it’s all parenting, all the time! :wink:

Have fun!

Thanks folks. That’s slightly more independent confirmation of cuteness than we’re getting from her grandparents.

I’m sure there’ll be difficult bits, but overall we’ll have fun.

What a doll!

Mine is almost a year old.

It has been the toughest job ever, but the most rewarding.

Being a parent is great! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, dear Doper!

We’ve got a he-Cub just four years old.
And we just introduced a she-cub about four weeks ago to the den.

Ain’t being a daddy fab?!

One more for the “Isn’t she adorable!” column. Don’t you just want to kiss her fingers all day? Congratulations to you and enjoy every wonderful moment.

You will absolutely love being a father. Guaranteed. It will be the coolest thing you have ever done.


She’s so beautiful. Can I hold her? :slight_smile: