Yet Another Doper Baby!

It seems like there’s a rash of these things lately, doesn’t it? I’m still in shock, it doesn’t quite seem real. I took a test this morning expecting another negative, but the second line popped up pretty much immediately.


Are you sure it’s only one? C’mon girl. You gonna let Octo-Mom beat out the Dope? You can carry a dozen, can’t ya? For Cecil? For Pie?

Silliness aside, congrats.


And you realize if it does end up to be twins or something, I’m blaming you, right?

Congratulations and welcome to our select wee club :smiley: there do seem to be a lot of us around here at the moment.

I’m 26 weeks and it’s still feeling surreal - not sure when that wears off! Is this your first?

Yup, it’s our first!

I think my mother is in more shock than I am, though! It’ll be their first grandchild.

Congrats! I hope you have an easy pregnancy and delivery, because the bit after that is when it gets hard!

Seriously, they’re more fun than you imagine. I spent 30 minutes tonight just opening irishbaby’s arms wide and bringing them back in across her chest because it makes her laugh… and when your baby chuckles because of something you have done it is the best thing in the world.

Congratulations! The first grandbaby doesn’t touch the ground for the first two years of life. This is very much as it should be.

Sleep now while you can. And don’t blink, or they will be eighteen and moving out.


But the question is, did you tell the dope before you told your mother?

I hope everything goes really well for you - the first few weeks were a bit rough for me but once that passed, it’s all been smooth sailing. I hope it’s even better for you.

We told my parents as soon as we found out too - I sometimes think it’s a little cruel, because they then have to wait through the whole pregnancy with you. My mother’s already complaining about how long the whole thing’s taking!

How’s the daddy-to-be feeling? I swear, my husband is more emotional about the whole thing than I am! It’s very sweet.

Congratulations, wishing you a lifetime of joy with your new family!

Have to respectfully disagree here. The best thing is when your baby gives you a kiss, of their own volition, because they thought of it. I think for all three of mine, this happened around 5mo old or so. By this point, they realize (because I kissed them all the time), ‘hey, doing this means I like this person an awful lot’, and try to ‘return the favor’, so to speak. That first slobbery, open-mouthed ‘kiss’ on the side of the cheek or wherever. . .that’s even better than making your baby chuckle!

Congrats, badbadrubberpiggy! Parenthood is definitely a mixed bag, but, IMHO, much more good than bad! :slight_smile:

Yay!! Another baby on the way. I’m 25 weeks along with my first and even though all the signs are there, I still think it’s all a fluke. I’m happy for all the new Doper parents and parents to be. Now I can say I know exactly how you feel. Keep us updated.

Well, hopefully that’s the closest I’ll ever come to being responsible for one or more children. Lifelong bachelor here. From what my friends tell me, babies don’t seem to have much respect for the SEC or NFL football schedules. They insist on being tended/fed/changed/etc even if the Saints have the ball and are driving for the winning touchdown…

Congrats! There sure are a lot of dopers in the family way lately!

I’m looking forward to joining the club, but the wedding’s in April and our plan is to do things in order, so for now I’ll drink up all the stories from you guys and wait my turn. :slight_smile:

Hooray for babies!!

Wonderful news. Congratulations!

Ah, that sounds great! **Baby from Mars **is 6 weeks old and I think getting her to smile is the greatest thing - but good to hear it gets even better from here on in!

And congrats badbadrubberpiggy! Hope you have a very uneventful next 9 months.

I still remember the first kiss from my youngest (soon to be 10YO); I was carrying her downstairs from her nap (her bedroom was upstairs). About half-way down the stairway, she just opened her mouth wide, and planted a slobbery, wet one on the side of my face! Squeeee!

There is little in life that is as satisfying as realizing that your baby loves you back.

I actually told my mother first - well, as soon as I could actually get ahold of her. Silly woman, going to work in the mornings.

Dad-to-be is beaming! I am tired already, which kind of sucks - my mother said her only symptom in the first trimester was bone-crushing exhaustion, so I suspect I have that to look forward to.