This Blinky and Pinky numnuts is still around?

Setting aside the obvious shittiness of your every thought, may I suggest that you go back to the conservative college you attended and ask for a refund? Unless, of course, using an objective pronoun in the predicate nominative is alternative grammar.

Wow - so perceptive. Is there a Phd for that?

Right - just to make sure to cover the entire ground of stupidity - very thorough.

Uhhhhh the OP is showing you up for the weaksauce troll you are.

WHAT “numerous misconceptions, mischaracterizations and general liberal wrongness” are you whining about?
Oh wait - you got nuthin - right.
“Blinded” by your “intolerant” trolling, you mean?

Reappropriating an assessment that you know was originally levelled at alt right pieces of shit like yourself, blinkyandpinky, failed miserably.

Gee that’s not being a disingenuous shit-swab.

Kinda maybe alt-right sounding for someone claiming not be Republican?

Bad idea if everyone does that. If that becomes a trend, wouldn’t it become license for more alt right POS losers to swarm in here, because they’re not being noticed and appropriately fucking curbstomped?

Or banned?


Nope. Please elucidate.

I wouldn’t put it past bli-pi to keep squaking even to an audience of zero - he’ll just delude himself into thinking “ha! ‘trumped’ everyone with my superior reasoning skillzzzz.”

SO WHAT?? So what if you don’t shut him up.

What he’s basically doing is **baiting **y’all to masturbate ON him. Hold that picture in your mind and ask yourself if you want to be a party to his arousal and gratification?? Because that’s exactly what’s going on.

Yeah I get the whole baiting thing - but the more threadshitting that goes on, unredressed, the more it might invite curious alt right newbies here if they see a whole bunch of trollery going on, un-confronted?

Confronting trollery is a waste of time. When has confrontation ever shut a troll up? They want confrontation. They want to be noticed. They want the fuss and bother. They want to pull a thread off-topic. Trollery IGNORED is the way to go. That’s all I got.

Back in the old usenet days on alt.folklore.urban people would sometimes respond to blatent trollery with recipes. It actually increased the signal to noise ratio more than argument, plus, who isn’t interested in a chocolate chip cookie variant?

Did you roll a 5 for your reading score attribute?

Careful, or you’ll get him in here, too. :eek:

Yeah, but Betelgeuse is actually fun.

Don’t know him - never ever came across him.
Thought it was the movie.:o

1 package Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation
Milk to about 1.5" shy of the rim.
Microwave for 1 minute.
Now stir it. It’ll blend easier when slightly hot.
Microwave for another minute.
Fill to brim with Baileys.
stir, drink


Did you roll a drunk sailor for your personality?

Its the Post-Trebek “New Celebrity Jeopardy”… with todays returning GOP Champion. Blinky and Pinky!

Lets look at Todays Categories, shall we? And just as a reminder to our Audience, all of our “New Jeopardy” questions have been reviewed and limited by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos:

“Tastes Like Lead Paint”
“Science of The Bible”
“Two Letter Birth Control”
“Straight or Burned At The Stake”
“High Treason With Russia”
“Smaller Than A NJ Governor”
“Presidential QVC”
“Melania Callya Baby!”
David Duke, start us off please…

Drunk sailors everywhere just now… “Hey, what the fuck, man. What did we ever do to deserve that?”

BlinkyandPinky? Are you guys kidding? These twerps are causing a serious problem here? The dumbest duo? A couple of repressed, internet-educated dimwits who think “cuck” is a meaningful word? Who sneer at unconventional but correct grammar but don’t know the difference between “them” and “they?” I swear there used to be serious racist assholes on this board, who could at least read the classics, and be taken somewhat seriously, but these clowns never got beyond what they learned from their big brother’s badly-spelled prison tattoos. Why is anyone taking any notice of these idiots? At least make them summerize Protocols of the Elders of Zion before they’re allowed to spout the rest of their nonsensical crap. There should be standards, even for the stupid bigoted posters here.

A couple right-at-the-last-minute’ers:

Sessions Tokes With KKK’ers

Pornographic Pizza

F Is For Alternative Fake
And to start off - Sarah Palin, for, like, oh, $4,000,000…

Isn’t that a line from “I Am the Walrus”?

Oh expert texpert now, are we?

ok sorry final Jeopardy topics:

The Fourth Churning

Boil Photoshopping

Oh come on, Pinky was way smarter!

I’ve copied this from a FB comment, directed towards a Total Numbnuts, maybe Blinky, but maybe another one…they seem to be breeding!

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: