This Book Will Change Your Life?

Hey, all…

Was just wondering if any of my fellow Dopers have been doing the tasks in the book, “This Book Will Change Your Life,” by Benrik.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the authors basically lay out a task for you to do every day of the year. This past week was quite a doozy, including:

  • Eating 100oz. of cheese before going to bed, and recording what kind of dreams you have
  • Crank calling the national headquarters of the KKK in Arkansas
  • Learning a new knot

Part of the fun of the book for has been sharing in exploits with others doing the tasks, and thought I’d see if anyone on here has also been attempting to write letters to convicted serial killers and other nonsense.


I don’t think I’d be so concerned about the dreams…

Well, I haven’t been following the book to the letter.

On that night, I ended up eating 7 slices of Colby-Jack cheese, and washing it down with half a bottle of Riesling. Strangely, slept like a baby… :smiley:

Bought the book, forgot I have it! Getting off the boards now to go find it… ooh! Oooh! Adventure!

Well, on Day 145 (Tuesday, May 25th), I’m apparently supposed to start an urban myth. The authors recommend it involve two or more of the following elements: imaginative revenge by a jilter lover, a pet’s life ending in gruesome circumstances (preferably sexual), or a hidden deadly flaw in a consumer product.

And the wheels start to turn…

If anyone does try this, we MUST have the results.

How would one get the phone number?

Operator? Hi, ummm…[sub]kkkheadquartersplease[/sub]


The authors had a simpler solution: they listed the phone number in The Book.

Ok, just ordered the book via Amazon. Hopefully I’ll maintain a promise to myself to complete every challenge to the letter (100 oz. of cheese, huh*? *That’s * gonna be tricky…). I think a weekly update thread on my progress should be manageable. Please feel free to post libelous things about me if I don’t keep up my end of the bargain.

*[homer]Mmmmm…64 slices of american cheese.[/homer]

or a hidden deadly flaw in a consumer product.


You mean something like “Coke trucks are required to have hazardous placards on them when they transport coke concentrate?”

oh, nevermind

Kinda fell a little flat on starting an Urban Myth. The closest I got was telling my students that the market is excellent for people with Advertising degrees right now. Heh, heh…of course, that could be true one day an false the next.

Today’s, though…I can do this…

DAY 146 - Famous last words: Prepare yours ahead of time

Okay…have to think about this one for a bit…

Saw the book in Urban Outfitters (which automatically makes the book more trendy than myself). The one page I opened to, there was a circle. Your task was to wait for a fly to land in the circle, then slam the book closed so its death is immortalized in the pages.

I knew the only way to really own this book was to be fully commited to the tasks, and the thought of having this dead fly in there for all these months was enough for me. I passed.

Looked like fun, though.