This city really needs a super-hero

Watching ER over the past few years, I’ve noticed that County General Hospital might was well be in Metropolis. Planes crash into the middle of housing develops. Mental patients steal tanks and attack the hospital. Helicopters chop off surgeons’ arms, then come back to finish them off as if sent by the evil helicopter god. In short, the Chicago of the ER universe really needs Superman.

What other NON-superhero universes could benefit from a immigration from Earth-616 or the DC Universe? Bonus points for observing which hero is best suited versus who would just make things worse.

24… then again, one can make the case that Jack Bauer seems to be from Krypton as well.

Not quite, though he is clearly mutated in a manner similar to James Howlett, and has Starfleet communicator technology at his disposal.

Dr. Midnight, Dr. Strange, The Beast, Wonder Woman and Daredevil would all be exceptionally good in the medical profession and would do well at County. Dr. Midnight would treat the tricky surgical cases, Dr. Strange could be a surgeon and excel as an alternative medical practioner. The Beast would be an exceptional researcher on human pathogens and non-standard physiology. Wonder Woman could bring her Purple Ray from Themiscyria and clear up the lightweight cases in the waiting room, and stop those pesky planes and tanks from ramming into County again. (Maybe she could do a crossover on “House” and make all the paitents answer questions with her magic lasso so that Dr. House’s “All paitents lie” mantra can be forgotten for an epsiode. Plus it’ll be great to see House talk about that uniform!) Daredevil would be an excellent diagnostician: his hearing, sense of touch and sense of smell could quickly pinpoint internally injured and diseased paitents, possibly faster than machines, and offer non-drug relief from pain through massage, pressure point manipulation and other neat tricks. Daredevil would make a great pediatrician (he knows from experience about long hospital stays as a kid) and an excellent consultant on radiation burns.

Wolverine would be terrible on ER. “It’s just a flaming multiple gunshot wound, bub. Go walk it off.”

He’d never survive. Diana would slap him silly out of pure irritation within two minutes–or, more likely, slip the lasso over HIM and force him to confront the roots of his neuroses.

Which I would watch, cheerfully. His “big fish in a little pond” type style grates on me.

And could also represent the hospital against any charges of malpractice.

And it would double his guilt, since he’s so happy-go-lucky as it is!

Washington, D.C.

Being able to send Superman to Third World hotspots, as needed, would surely bring a smile to the face of President Josiah Bartlet, on “The West Wing.”

Man, how awesome would it be if there were superheroes in the world of ER? Not as workers in the hospital or main characters or anything: just a straight up, normal hospital drama, except every now and then they wheel in someone suffering from Kryptonite poisoning.

Damn, there’s a thought for a new series: a hospital that specializes in treating superheroes and supervillains…

The world of “ER” needs only one superhero - the old school ‘silver age’ Mighty Thor! He’s tough enough to take on the crashing planes and tanks. He’s also a brilliant surgeon, so it would make sense that he’d always be hanging around that hospital. Plus, Dr. Blake’s got his ‘lame leg’, so that he can empathize with Dr. Weaver and maybe convince her not to be such a sourpuss all the damn time. Thor could even help out that doctor who got his arm chopped off by a helicopter blade by getting him in touch with his stepbrother Loki - who had a way with dealing with severed limbs - simply reattaching them!

Add to that the fact that, in the late mid-late 80s, Marvel Comics Thor RELOCATED TO CHICAGO.

Maybe it IS the same universe, and the camera always cuts away an instant before anyone mentions the Odinson.

Man, the ER writer who got them to introduce a doctor character named Donald Blake would be my personal hero.

New Orleans really could have used Storm last year . . .

How about this plot…

On Boston Legal, Denny Crane sues a would-be samaritan for damages his expensive new car after the heroic stranger thwarts a mugging.

The stranger’s name is… Peter Parker. He’s defended by the law firm of Murdock and Nelson. Alan Shore slowly realizes something’s odd about Parker and attorney Murdock, and when he puts two and two together no one believes him.

When Crane and Shore win the case and celebrate on their law firm’s balcony, they’re egged viciously from above by two assailants (off-camera), who disappear.

That sounds interesting, can you elaborate for a non-ER watcher?

The X-Files universe could probably stand one, and considering all the complex, convoluted backstory, and the fact that, through crossovers, it inhabits a universe that’s simultaniously the figment of at least two different people’s imaginations—

I’d say either DC’s Harbinger, or Marvel’s Sentry would be most appropriate. (For the lot of good they’d do, when they’re not insane, being mind-controlled, or dead.)

Oddly enough, I think Marvel actually has something like this, albeit not a full series.

You’re referring to the Night Nurse?

I think so…my memory’s a bit hazy, though. Something like an underground clinic for wounded superheros (and/or villains?), or some such.