This friggin DVD-ROM

I am having trouble yet again! I put in my new DVD-ROM with CD-RW… if you want the exact model: Toshiba SD-R1002… and it isn’t cooperating. My computer located the new hardware with flying colors, but when I put any CD it tells me:

The disk in drive D is not formatted.

WOuld you like to format it now?

I have tried different types of CDs/DVDs with no luck. What do you think? Is it junk?

I have Windows Pro 2000 if that helps.

Are you using Toshiba’s drivers, or Windows’ native drivers? Windows can be stupid with hardware sometimes. Also go to Toshiba’s website and download the latest drivers for your OS.

Yeah, new drivers are a must. Ya know, XP can connect to the net & find them for you, at least my XP does that. Also makes sure that it shows up right in the system properties box. 2000 has drivers for office stuff, XP home is like 2000 with drivers for home stuff…