This guy is definitely up to no good

And he’s making me uncomfortable.

Pictured here…he’s the guy in the lower right-hand corner.

What do you suppose he’s got on his mind?

It’s skeevy cousin Charlie up by the turkey with the serial killer grin that I’m worried about.

“If they only saw what I was doing to that bird three hours ago.”

Damn your black heart, joke thief.

I would say something about great minds thinking alike, but this is one that neither of us should brag about.

I could be mistaken, but that dude looks like it might be Rockwell himself, which adds to the creepiness, if you’re so inclined.

He’s waiting for everyone’s attention to be diverted just long enough to grab the carving knife and go nuts, Everything’s Eventual style

Is no one worried about Grandpa’s Spock ears?

And Sissy on his left!

What is UP with those scary eyes!!! :eek:

ETA: The turkey is too big for the space she’s going to put it into. I can sense an upset coming!

I love Norman Rockwell paintings, darn you America, that’s what you’re supposed to be like(well with a few more non-white people mixed in too)! :slight_smile:

This is a lot better than the trenches in France. All we had back then was rats.
In door county we stopped at a gift shop up stairs was a Norman Rockwell museum. The lady that was there wouldn’t let us leave, because she wanted us to see her in one of the portraits in the half hour film. It was like we were kicking a puppy, when we first told her we didn’t want to watch the show. We did watch the show.

“I’ve secretly replaced the fine giblets usually found in this turkey with my own. Let’s see if anyone notices…”

Props to who… lno?

Like this, you mean?

ETA: Sorry, I missed the word “your” in your post. Ah well, it’s a painting that deserves an outing here anyway.

Let’s cook up some fava beans and break open a nice Chianti

Sauteed in mud and garnished with shrapnel

We also had dandruff as ersatz sugar and phlegm as cream, sometimes the mud doubled as coffee

That turkey looks too heavy for granny to be hefting so casually.

But what bugs me is the three sticks of Swiss Chard - for 11 people not counting the viewer.

Only wimps eat green vegetables – they are for the ladies at the table. The men will be eating baked beans as their vegetables.

That’s not Swiss chard – that’s celery, as a relish (as opposed to appetizer).

twicks, who – just barely – remembers Thanksgiving dinners with a relish dish

Like this? Go about 2:00 in.

Everybody in this painting makes me uncomfortable. Especially the turkey. backs slowly away from monitor