This has happened a long time ago, but I have to share

It happened about 6 months ago.

I live in one of the worst neighborhoods of Cardiff, Grangetown. The time was about 23:00 and I was feeling hungry. So I decided to go to the local kebeb shop.
As I was walking the dark streets, I saw two black men carrying a couple of televisions in a shopping troley.

Thats all. I just wanted to share it

About ten years ago, I moved to St. Paul fomr California. My first winter (it was about 20 degrees out), there was a traffic jam one day. On the radio, it was announced that it was caused by a nakeg guy on an overpass wearing nothing but a green stocking cap. When I got to work and told my co-workers the story, they said, “Must have been a Packers fan.”

Holy carp but do I need new glasses. :smack: :smack: :smack:

One very cold day at Walmart in Joplin MO, I was getting back into my car when a voice came from the next car: “Hey lady!” I looked over and the guy in the car had the windows down and was sitting with his pants around his ankles, jerking off. Once he’s got my attention, he says, “Looks pretty good, don’t it?” I was so stunned that I just got in my car and drove off. But all I could think about was how he could possibly be feeling “romantic” at 20 degrees.