This house blows

Seriously. I’ve realized this summer is not going to be relaxing in the least for me, as I’m going to be working a shitty job 30 hours a week, doing an internship 12 hours a week, taking a public speaking class [which I don’t even really want to take] 9 hours a week, and at least 4 hours a week (which is a pitiful amount) will be taken up by tae kwon do. Somewhere in there I may get to hang out with my friends some.

Anyway, also: My parents live in New Jersey, which is shitty to begin with, because there is NOTHING HERE OTHER THAN SUBURBAN SPRAWL. Well, and the urban wasteland that is Camden. And the Pine Barrens, but once you’ve spent a year living in Santa Fe, the hiking here sucks.

Also, my parents live in the nosiest fucking house EVER. Our one neighbor has apparently started up a business from his home repairing engines or something, and it is FUCKING LOUD. He’s apparently out there every evening and a big part of the afternoons, with a boat or lawnmower or car or some other goddamn noisy thing, making noise and doing whatever the fuck an engine repairman does.

Due to the location of our lovely little suburb, our very house is directly fucking under a flight path not only to the Philadelphia airport, but also whatever the hell the military base in NJ is (Fort something-or-other). So we get 747s and military fucking helicopters buzzing us all the fucking time. Our house is miserably old and practically falling down, too (it’s really a shitty old house) the windows rattle at any noise louder than a whisper.

Then there’s our other neighbor. It’s not a house. It’s a factory. They make heavy machinery for other factories, and therefore, use even larger machinery. Apparently, their latest hobby there is - from the sounds - hefting up extrodinarily large chunks of lead or whatever the fuck, and heaving them from the roof into empty steel dumpsters. Maybe they’re throwing the dumpsters, then, too. All I know is every twenty minutes or so, there will be a KA-THOOONK!! that will then reverberate through our neighborhood for the next half hour. Also, they start their workday at 6 AM. Coincidentally, this is about the same time at which our neighbor across the street starts his extremely large diesel-engine pickup truck. On Saturdays, he starts his gas-powered lawnmower at that hour.

Aaaarrgh. I asked my father this morning if, nineteen years ago, they realized that they were purchasing a house that is NEXT TO A FACTORY. He said yes, they did, what’s the big deal? THe big deal, I replied in my head, is that they are loud and obnoxious. They let drainage problems develop on their property so that we have a massive mosquito infestation in our backyard, which we have repeatedly reported to the township (who then proceed to do jack shit). The problem is that, really, I can’t imagine that next door to a factory of any sort is the healthiest place to live.

:smack: :mad:

And I bet anything that, twenty years from now, our block is the newest Superfund site.

The good news is that you’re never there anyway. The better news is that someday you’ll move out. Until then, wow, that sucks ass.

Welcome to real life. It’ll get better when you retire.

Damn, Metacom, you got ME all depressed with that one.

35 years and counting… :frowning:

Hah ha! I’m closer than you are!

Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t be bragging :frowning:

And this Senate sucks.


:frowning: :frowning: