Just gotta bitch

I have to bitch
Just have to

I work from home doing call center work. I work every evening from 6-9. I work more often but that is my set schedule.

I go in my bedroom, I shut the door. I shove a blanket under the door. I have to have quiet. I can get* fired* if there is too much noise in the background.

Last night I got my first complaint for noise, and I’m lucky I haven’t gotten one sooner.


Because my asshole sister is right outside my bedroom door screaming for her husband to come to dinner. He is outside my bedroom window and shouts back. They think nothing of walking up and down the hallway outside my door and shouting back and forth to each other.

Every night for the last week their dogs have been getting into fight, with both of them screaming at the dogs. Then bringing them down the hallway right past my door to put them in their bedroom, scolding them the entire time.
I’ve caught my sister as well holding up treats and saying ‘Who wants a treat, do you want a treat, tell me!’. Getting her dogs to bark.

Now my mothers bf is powering washing the side of the house. I’m giving him a pass because he probably how no idea how loud it was when he was washing the shutters and window sill.
Why the hell he waited for it to be dark outside I have no idea.

Then I find out
Let me explain it’s not about the money.
I have a very sweet deal here living here. I would never complain about what I pay, sometimes I feel guilty that it isn’t more.
When they first moved here my bil asked me how long I intended to live off my mother. He and my sister have been trying like hell to find out what I pay. None of their business. Then my sister had the nerve to say to me that they were paying extra to cover my share of the rent and that she and her husband are supporting me.
I just found out what they pay in rent.
I never asked because it is none of my business, but my mother told me.
At the time my sister told me they were supporting me
they were paying $200 dollars a month.
It got raised to $300 and they bitched and now it’s being raised to $400 because of the increase in the utilities.
My sister is pissed off, she thinks that is too much.
My bil makes 6 figures. They are not poor, they are not hard up.
I asked my mother why so cheap and she said because they were only supposed to be here 2-3 months. Well we are in month 10.

It’s not the money, it’s not that they are paying less than I am.
Like I said I’ve got a sweet deal here and I’m not complaining

But for either one of them to accuse me of living off mom, and for either one of them to say they are supporting me
that is just BULLSHIT.

and they have the nerve to call me a bitch, and to blame all the tension around here on me!

I found a place to move and I let it go because my mother asked me not to leave. I don’t really want to leave I just want them gone.

I am so GD sick of being nervous the whole time I’m working, I am so GD tired of her bratty dogs fighting and jumping my poor old half blind dog.

I agree that it sucks, and that sounds awful. I don’t blame you for hating it.

However, your mom is putting up with their bullshit, and apparently she doesn’t care quite enough about how you feel to make them keep it down some. So either you have to get your mom to get on their case, to get her to kick them out, or to get out now while you still have your job, your sanity, and your dog. Because God knows what they’re going to do to those. :frowning:

At this point, I can bet good money that she won’t kick them out or try too hard to make them be civilized, because they’ll be worse monsters than you would if she tries to enforce any order. Squeaky wheel and all that. I’m sorry.

Gotta agree with my fine **Ferret **friend. It will not be easier to find your own place if you get fired from your job because of the noise complaints, and it sounds like that’s where it’s headed. Better to find a little studio apartment or the back bedroom of a quiet little old lady and move out now, on your own terms.

You might want to consider a new headset that reduces background noise. It might help in the meanwhile.

Something like this.

You’re ALL living off your mom. I feel for her. She should move out and leave you all to it.

Or, better yet, do what I read in a book one time. “Family” came to stay and stayed and stayed and stayed. They couldn’t figure out a way to get rid of them without causing hard feelings so they finally just burned the house down to the ground. Problem solved.

Get a backbone. Grow up. Move out. Then, instead of complaining about other people you can start working on you.

Take a walk in someone else’s shoes before you criticize them, Becky2844. We are not all handed living space of our own based on maturity level.

It could be worse. I am a consultant and have to do teleconference meetings with clients. Clients are usually banks or hospitals or some other large company that isn’t operating from a farm yard.

At my last place before buying my own farm there were dogs and donkeys.

The day of the dogs: I’m in a ‘meeting’ and the farm dog wants into the trailer where I’m living and is scratching at the aluminum screen door and yelping. I THOUGHT I had mute on, I go to the door and tell the dog to get and then accidentally close the door on the dog who yelps as if I’ve tried to kill him. Of course the aluminum door is making a banging noise. When I’ve driven off the mutt, the next thing I hear is “Is everything okay out there” – the darn mute hadn’t worked right and everyone in the meeting heard what sounded like me abusing the poor dog.

The Donkeys: Donkeys honk as loud as any car horn (stand in front of a car, honk the horn and you’ll see the volume). The donkeys lived in a pasture that comes up to within 3 feet of the trailer. I’d be on calls for meetings and suddenly, the donkeys would come up to the trailer and demand food or attention. FOUR of them, all at once. It was like going from ‘meeting quite’ to instant traffic jam sounds with no warning. Once one started, they all went off and it was horrible.

I stayed there only as long as it took me to save up enough money to get my own place. If you need to control you work space to keep your job, then you need to control your work space. If you can’t find a solution to the ruckus, then you need to find a ruckus free environment to work from. Even if you go down to the library or rent a room to work from.

I figured I’d get some shit for living here.
I pay way more than $200, I am not living off my mother. She wants me here. She is 76, her bf is 79. They travel a lot and she wants someone here while she is gone. Also, they are both starting to have age related issues.
When I told her I was leaving she asked me to stay.
She wants me here.

Not everybody who lives with their parents are living off their parents. Sometimes it benefits both parties, sometimes it’s the kids caring for the parents, and in one case I know the son and his wife are supporting the parents.

Well you made me laugh and I sure need it.
I’m sorry.
I know what donkeys are like, I’ve spent a lot of time on farms. I love them, but they can be a PITA.

Try your neighbors and see if they’ll rent you a room for work use and let you drop a phone line into it. It might be a nice way for added income for them (only 8hrs/day) and you’ll have a quiet place to work from.

I know she wants them out. She won’t kick them out though, although she has told both of them that if they don’t like it here they know where the door is.

Last night I let my dog out of my room so my son could let him out.
Her dog jumped him again, for no reason other than he walked back in from outside.
My dog isn’t hurt, just a little nick, but blood everywhere.
All over the floors, all over the side off the fridge, all over the table cloth.
Then he shook his head and got blood on a basket of clean laundry.

I was so mad I was shaking.

I’m done with being nice, I’m done with keeping my mouth shut, I’m done with trying to keep the peace.

I’ve got my eye on two places, one I know won’t let me bring my dog but maybe I’ll rent it just to work. The other one I’m waiting for her to evict the current tenants.

But it’s some shit that I have to pay to work somewhere because they are rude.

I was too blunt, as can be my wont. I know because after meeting some of my biological family, who were all straightforward as hell, I thought OMG I come across just like them. So it’s in my genes, just like No Sense of Direction. (Many of them showed up late at the gathering, railing against their drivers “I TOLD you to turn left, because it felt ‘right.’”
I’ve lived thru many different phases of my life and learned it never changed until I did something about it. I know about “younger” having to live with “older.” But being on the sliding scale of older now I can tell you, it’s not easy for anybody.
We want to help our young ones but it takes it’s toll. Sometimes physically. (We can suppress the “emotional” but our bodies betray us with reactions beyond our control.)
Life isn’t fair. But if you build it layer by layer into something that pleases you it can be pretty damn good. Empathy is the key, I think. And you have to strive for it every day.

Sorry, misunderstood the thread title and just was gonna mention I got mine years ago.

Agreed. I live with (and not off) my parents, and I’m way past the age when it’s considered socially acceptable to still be living with your parents. (And I do pay them more than $200 a month to live here.)

sahirrnee, all the noise you have to put up with would bother me, even though I don’t work at home. I hope you’ll be able to keep your job. Best of luck.

Thank you.
I don’t know why they aren’t leaving. It was supposed to be for 2-3 months until they found a house. I know my mother is frustrated as well. She says she wants them gone, but she isn’t doing anything to make it happen. I’m beginning to think she wants me to handle it.