This I really like

Now how about this for a keyboard, apparently they are not too expensive to make as the key screens are effectively cut off bits of failed lcd screens.

Yeah. That sounds really cool.

Now why couldn’t I have thought of this?!?!?! :smack:

'effin thing will cost a fortune. And how often does one need to change the key values?

But yeah, cool. In a very futuristic sort of way.

Ooooh. Shiny. We wants it.

It’d be worth it to use it with a Mac and just see all the symbols you can get with the Option key and Shift+Option instead of blindly flailing around until you find what you want, like I always do. And I like the customizable keys to switch apps.



That looks awesome. I want WoW key bindings.

I am just sitting here wondering if I can get it to change for the binds on each of my COH alts or if I will have to settle for the generic binds. :smiley: