This is a Test - Make it so!

“Mr. Watson, come here – I want to see you.” :bell:

  • I like pie charts.
  • I like cake charts.
  • I like Baked Alaska charts.

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“I’m Marine_One and I approved this message.”

Exercising your right to vote is important!

I’ll send my ballot snail mail.

I don’t understand the results. It says “5 voters, 7 total votes”. Does that mean that two people voted twice each and three people voted once each? How can one person vote twice? The pie chart seems to be showing 7 votes as far as I can tell.

Also, it allowed me to change my vote. Is that under a time limit, like post editing?

Maybe because I voted for all 3 options so there were 2 extra votes.

Pie. Why is this even a question? :slight_smile:

A testy test sentence. Ignore the man behind the curtain.