this is a thread about how life is wacky

So, here’s how my Friday evening went:

First, let me preface by saying that I’ve only been in the Twin Cities since January. What friends I do have all went out-of-town. My roommates weren’t really around. Instead of sitting around the house moping, I figured “screw that, I’ll go to a movie.” So I went to a 9:45 showing of Panic Room. It was pretty good–so good that the suspense caused me to start biting my nails.

After that was over, I really didn’t really feel like going home. I was in a more “yuppie” neighborhood, with lots of places where “you can sit outside and drink” (that’s how the area was described to me when I was here last summer. I hate to think of what sort of impression I gave those people. Granted, I’m from Wisconsin). Okay, back to my story–I decided to stop in at one of the bars.

At first I felt like a real loser, but since I seem to be making a habit of going out solo, I summoned all the balls a female could possess, grabbed a bar stool, and started drinking some Killians. The bartener in charge recognized my predicament, and started chatting with me. He was damn good at being sociable with perfect strangers. He made me very comfortable, so I shall be sure to bring future business to his place of employment.

There was a wedding reception going on in the adjacent room, so lots of the wedding party would come over to the bar I was at. Eventually, I got a free tequila shot out of some of the revelers (this was mostly in due to the aforementioned barkeep. In other words, he told the dude to buy me a shot). Then the woman next to be (who was from Michigan) recommended one of her friends as a hair stylist and gave me her business card (this was so I could tell her friend that she referred me to her). When she found out I came solo, she spoke very admiringly of my courage. Maybe I’ll go to her friend’s, I don’t know. Since bartime in this f**ked up state is 1 AM, I finished my Newcastle and went on my merry way.

So over all–life definitely is wacky. For what started out as a boring evening, it ended pretty well. I shall visit that bar again, hopefully with other people. And if I see that same bartender, I shall tip him handsomely. Now I’m listening to my “after bar” song list and posting on the SDMB (duh!).

any nonsensical sentences/spellings shall be attributed to posting while under the influence of EtOH. At least I didn’t write about monkey butlers! :smiley:

Monkey butlers, eh? My friend would be VERY interested in that! (and his brother loves camels, for some odd reason)

So what’s EtOH? I don’t know if I’ve heard of it before…

That evening sounds like a good one, actually. Life certainly has a way of giving you the unexpected, doesn’t it?

Monkey butlers? Not only is a reference to a Simpsons episone, but see this thread.

EtOH is ethanol.