This is absurd. (GRUMBLING ABOUT NEWS)

I can find out about riots in Santa Monica, but I can’t find out if a protest has turned violent on my public square.

None of my local radio stations are covering it, just religious glurge & investment advice.

And the city traffic webcams are “down for maintenance”. :dubious:

Going down there is a poor plan, for a 57 year old man.

I can learn more about what is happening in orbit, than a mile from here.


First YouTube video.
10 minutes ago, at the University, 3 blocks from here.

So far, non-violent.

Did you try watching the evening news on the local television stations? How about looking at their websites?

Tear gas deployed at local ubi, 3 blocks from where I am right now,

local cops forming around city hall, protest formed/reformed there