This IS Going To Be A Short WAR

Well, if this is an indication of how Saddam’s troops are going to act then it is going to be a very short war.

So these British Paras were doing some live fire manuvuers and some of Saddam’s troops think that the war has started and automatically give up. Man, is all of Saddam’s army composed of draftees or do these poor bastards just not have the will to fight?

OK… honestly, how reliable of a source is this? If you look at the front page, it looks a little like the Enquirer. Though the front page stories didn’t look sensationalistic or far fetched or anything.

I mean, I’ve never been to England, so for all I know its a reliable paper. But since I don’t know, thats why I ask. Is this paper a genuine newspaper or an English tabloid?

A bit of both, I belive.

Well OK, I always felt that it was a bit like the Enquirer but a few people have told me that it is a legit news source, of course none of them were British.

Tabloid, all the way.

The Sunday Mirror is a tabloid in the sense that it has lots of showbiz / TV stories plus sport, and little foreign news or indeed any deep analysis.

However it would be embarrassed if it printed a load of imaginary rubbish, so I expect the basic facts are true.

Those guys will fold pretty quickly, but the closer we get to Bagdhad the more we’ll have to deal with his Republican Guard and Elite Republican Guard, who might not be such pushovers. I hope if we do go to war it is over quickly, but I’m afraid it won’t be as quick as we’d like.