This is how Kangaroo lost a customer.

I would put this in the pit, but then I would have to go back and add cuss words, and I don’t really do that.

Apparently lying to customers to make a sale is company policy. I literally am at Quick Stop 3011 everyday. I know almost every cashier by name and they all know me and what I purchase. I have been going to this particular store for over a year (since I moved to Spring Lake). It is not the closest convenience store to me, but the quality of customer service has, until yesterday, been excellent and is what keeps me making the trip to this store every day.
Yesterday I had a problem that will cause me never to visit a Kangaroo store again. I am sure your company can afford to lose a regular customer, so I will relate my experience only to provide you with an opportunity to re-evaluate store policy with respect to dishonesty and customer service.

I was having a party on the night of 11 August 2007 and went to the Kangaroo Store on Highway 210 to purchase a mini keg of Bud Light Beer. I believe it is called a party ball. After it had been rung up the cashier informed me that they did not have a tap for the keg. Peggy, the cashier, asked Sabrina, the manger, if there were taps available. Sabrina told Peggy that any tap would work. Peggy informed me that I could purchase a tap at the ABC store or Wal-Mart and that any tap would work. I was asked if I still wanted to purchase the beer, and based upon the information I was given I said yes.

I went to the liquor store on Fort Bragg, paid a $40 deposit for a tap, and proceeded home. I soon discovered that the tap I rented would not work on the keg I had purchased. I called the Budweiser customer service number found on the packaging to try to find somewhere I could purchase a tap. Budweiser customer service was very helpful, but informed me that there was nowhere on the East coast that a tap could be procured.

This resulted in me having a keg of beer and no way to serve it. I took the keg back to the store I purchased it, with my receipt in hand and was told by Peggy that I could not return the beer. She stated it was a violation of Federal law to return alcohol. Peggy searched the store, called the acting manager, Sabrina, and even claimed to have called the District Manger. I say she claimed to because I was not allowed to hear the conversation, nor was I given the District Manager’s phone number. According to Peggy, both stated that there was nothing they could do and that I would have to keep my now useless keg of beer.

I asked for store credit. I told Peggy that I would dispose of the beer since she could not accept it back, but I should get credit for the $31.99 that I had spent for something that I could not use. Peggy stated that she could not issue me a Kangaroo card, but Sabrina, who was scheduled to work the following day could. Peggy suggested I make a purchase for an amount close to the cost of the keg and Sabrina could give me store credit for that amount. Against my better judgment, I agreed.

I went in this morning and spoke to Sabrina. She stated that there was nothing she could do. I asked her about store credit then she would be losing $30. So, it is ok for me to lose money, but a business as successful as Kangaroo Store #3011 would be thrown into financial disaster over a matter of $31.99? I guess we will find out as I spend at least $42 dollars there each week. Or, as I should say, spent, as it will take a lot to get me to go back into a Kangaroo store.
SSG Schwartz

This is another lie.

You’re sending this letter to corporate headquarters, yes?

You surely can’t be the first person to have bought this mini-keg from them, how long have they known there isn’t an available tap? Why in the world would they even stock them for sale if they don’t have taps for them?

Here’s your Chevy, but you’ll have to go across town to buy tires for it, sir. :confused:

Yeah, that sounds like someone’s lying there. I recommend beating the offender(s) with a switch of their own cutting.

Allegedly, they had the taps up to Friday night when I asked about purchasing a keg. I had the option of buying a keg on post for twice the price, but went in favor of the lower priced party ball. Peggy had stated that she saw the taps there on Friday and there were plenty of them. So probably someone one the night shift stole them for whatever reason. There were only 2 kegs left in the cooler and the second one was still there.

And yes, Scarlett67, I already e-mailed the OP to the headquarters.

SSG Schwartz

Don’t just email it. Print it out and snail mail it to the corporate president or the highest honcho you can get the Address for.

Find out who the Budweiser distributor in the area is and give them a call. I bet they will make it right, as I’m guessing they don’t like their kegs being sold without the tap.

I did call Budweiser customer service and spoke to a really apologetic woman who tried to search for retailers in the area who would have a tap for this keg. The only possibility she found was the distributer who had closed about 3 hours prior to my purchase and that was a definite maybe.
She stated these are usually sold at the start of the summer and there are enough taps to go with the kegs, but after the start of the season, they don’t provide the kegs to retailers anymore, so, they don’t provide taps unless requested by the retailer.

As a follow-up, I did receive a phone message from the district manager at 9:05 am Monday morning. As it happened, I was on 24 hour duty and have not been able to return the call, but he stated he wishes to meet with me in the store. Should I bring boxing gloves or brass knuckles?

SSG Schwartz

Bud Light? Why not buy 7UP? Cheaper, and no tap required. :wink:

Take the party ball with you. I’ll bet you’ll get your money back and a profuse apology. No manager asks a customer to return to a store after a complaint unless they are trying to mend fences.