This is just too funny NOT to share...

I know not all of you are video game fans, but seriously, I found one of the funniest websites on the internet…

Behold: The 8-bit Theater!

My appologies if somebody has already given this site on here before, but even if they did it needs to be brought up again!

It’s a comic strip that follows the very First Final Fantasy game on the NES back in the day…they even use the same sprites from the video game to do the comic. They have all your traditional characters (Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage, Black Belt, Theif, and Fighter) and their quest to defeat the evil (and bumbling) Garland. Like I said, even if you dont like video games, its still hilarious. check it out!


“Sword-chucks, YO!”

That is pretty good. Sort of MST3K meets low res video gaming.

Yeah I just flipped through the archives, pretty funny.

Well atleast 2 people answered. I actually ordered one of the shirts from the site. So many catch-phrases from that site…

8-bit Theater is a long-time favorite. I love the Black Mage. Especially when he falls in love with the White Mage. Hee hee.

In a related vein, but not exactly the same is Definitely for Nintendo lovers.

That’s good stuff. I was just playing Final Fantasy a few days ago, which made me want to play Final Fantasy II again. Instead I downloaded the english translation of Final Fantasy IV Japanese (which is II in the US), and am playing it on ZSNES. Ah memories.

I’ll second bristlesage’s recommendation of Seanbaby. The man is truly a gift to comedy.

Ohh, Final Fantasy II (or IV). I love that game. The trolls! The Great Whale! It’s a classic. For all that, though, I’ve never beaten FF III. I haven’t really even tried as I don’t own it. But I am currently halfway through Link to the Past for the jillioneth time. I just think it’s swell when Link gets bunny-fied.

To get back down to business, I think the best part of Seanbaby’s page is the synopsis of the worst games ever. But the description of River City Ransom is also great. (Ah, River City Ransom. Memories.)

I just go the Whale. FFIII is great as well. It’s a vast sweeping tale, filled with grandeur, heroics, tragedy, and triumph. I also own and have played Link to the Past more times than I can count. I always liked the music when you first go into the Golden Land on top of Death Mountain and turn into a bunny (before you get the magic mirror).

Re: Seanbaby…

The number one worst Nintendo game on his list is, in fact, the first Nintendo game I ever played, Deadly Towers. I also spent way, way too much time playing Heroes of the Lance.

Regarding the OP, I’m really enjoying 8-Bit Theater.

Err, go(t) to the whale, I meant. Sort of changes the meaning that typo does.

Typos are forgiveable when you’re all het up about video games. I mean, the Whale! It’s Great!

Deadly Towers, though. Ugh. But I have spent more than my fair share of time on A Boy and His Blob, so I can’t poke too much fun.

OP, eh? Okay, well, 8-Bit Theatre (Theater?) is just wonderful, but I’ve run out of it. I’ve read the whole thing twice. But “Hadooken” is just as funny every time.

“We cannot defeat these werewolves using standard tactics!”
“Standard tactics?”
“Stick the pointy thing into the soft squishy things that scream and bleed.”

Yep I’ve seen it. My roomie showed it to me.

To be fair, I never played Deadly Towers after that, at least not until the advent of emulation.

If you’ve run out of 8-bit theater, and want to read a similar concept comic, and are familiar with Star Wars, you could check out Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite. High comedy.

All right, ThatGuyWithPants (someone has just got to come up with a suitable shortening of your name), I’m now officially addicted to a webcomic. That hasn’t happened since Ozy and Millie.

Hope you’re proud of yourself. :slight_smile:

[sub]“I cut the turkey due to my extensive expertise in the use of sharp stabby thingies.” Hee![/sub]

For the easily amused (and, let’s face it, kids, addicted) webcomic viewers amongst us, I submit:

A similar strip. Tastes like a spin-off of the mighty 8BT. Smaller archive (as he’s not been at it quite as long) but fun.
And this one. If you’re at all fond of Godzilla, this is simply not to be missed. The first strip in the archive will decide you quick on whether or not you like this one. Me, I have trouble staying in my chair every time I go back and look at #1 again. :smiley:

[sub]Swordchucks? Swordchucks? Swordchucks?[/sub]

This is truly hilarious. Thanks QuiznoBoy!
[sub]hey, it’s shorter[/sub]

Hmmm. Maybe it makes more sense if you’ve ever played Final Fantasy.

I suppose then it would be pretty funny.

I like that comic too. Been a long time since I have checked it though. Sigh, now to add it back into my daily/weekly webcomics.

For what it’s worth they are as follows: <-- the highest quality one <—updated 2-3 times a week

Oh, great. I just want you all to know that my work to reading web comics ratio was about 1 to 6 today. That is just sad. On the other hand, hey, thanks for all the great suggestions! And now I see that I missed dorkusmalorkusmafia’s post. Of course, I’ll be reading those tomorrow. Wonderful, just great.*

*No, really.