This is not a mother. [Kills her children]

Holy CRAP, holy CRAP, holy CRAP (news courtesy of the UK newspaper “The Independent”)

This is not a mother. This is some kind of hellish automaton from an alternate dimension, but definitely not a mother.

Holy crap. I can’t even begin to process the workings of her mind. I feel as if she is some kind of weird extraterrestrial being.

As I have said several times – holy crap.

You’re assuming she is a normal, healthy, functioning adult. She is not any of those.

She’s hot! I wouldn’t let a little thing like filicide deter me from hooking up with her.

Ahhhh! Beat me to it! Drats…:mad:

The crazy ones give you months of grief but a lifetime of stories around the campfire.

This one is really high on the crazy list though. Two weeks on a tropical island would be ideal. Avoid any where the residents have machetes to keep the vegetation down. Change your name when you get back, otherwise she’ll be able to track you down on the internet.

It would be helpful if you posted a summary so that I could make an informed decision regarding whether to click on the link.

In America, you drop hints as to article contents. In Russia, article contents drop YOU!

It’s sickening. It’s the kind of thing I really can’t even find morbid humor in.

If you need details:

Mother throwes her 4 and 7 YO children off a 15 story balocany because she’s sick of dealing with them

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Frankly, on this board, I see no need to be so coy about the subject of a thread.

Completely agree. A clue in the OP goes a long way…

I’ve edited the title to give it a slightly better description.

How the hell do you throw a 7 year old off the balcony? I mean I would think it would be pretty hard if they understood what you were doing. I know my 6 year old doesn’t even like me to play I’m going to throw her on the bed. And I’m a guy, seems hard to believe that a smaller woman could do that very easily.

All it takes to be a mother is for a woman to have sex, get pregnant, and squeeze out a kid. Motherhood doesn’t require a woman to be empathetic, nurturing, or sane. I get that you’re being hyperbolic, but pretending that only an unfeeling android is capable of this sort of monstrosity is overly optimistic. People have done some truly heinous shit throughout history because people are *capable *of doing some truly heinous shit. Let’s not pretend it’s because they were less than human when they did it.

Agreed, mothers are as full of shit as everyone else, it’s a myth that mothers all have instant halo’s that can never be rescinded.

There’s a horror to this I can’t wrap my mind around. And I don’t want to.
The other day on the radio I heard the story of a woman in the Bronx who poisoned her kids, shut her windows, locked her doors, blew out the gas pilots & slit her wrists. She’ll live. Her kids weren’t so lucky.
[del]Murderous Horrific Monsters[/del] The Mentally Ill come in all genders.

Thank you.

As the daughter of a [del]nasty bitch[/del] mother, I agree with that statement fully.

Mine is not mentally ill, she’s just a horrible person. Her functioning reproductive system didn’t suddenly make her wonderful, kind, loving or anything motherly.

I am not shocked in any way that a woman could or would kill her own offspring.

RIP those poor kids :frowning:

Is she psychotic or just a psychopath?

I can never be sure. In any case, I imagine that in Russia both types are sent to the same facility.

This is the kind of thing that pops into my mind whenever some well-meaning bitch says to childless-by-choice me: “But if you had one you would love it!”.

While I don’t think I would have killed or abused a child if I had given birth, childbirth does not mean someone is going to be a good mother.

I do have pity on that woman’s husband; that’s not the news you want to hear when you return from a business trip.

Every time someone forwards that link, Nancy Grace has an orgasm.

I can’t imagine wanting to throw my children off a balcony, but I have seen how little support is given to someone who is mentally ill. I can easily imagine that that people derided her for not being able to cope with raising children and they’re secretly pleased that their opinions were proven correct.

And I expect this one will have more in the future.