More human waste.

This just in from local news station… no link yet that I can find.

Seems a mother threw her toddler out of the car on the DC beltway. Evidently, witnesses watched as the toddler tried to get back in the car. Local news is keeping everyone in suspense as to details. I don’t think I want to hear them.

Cunt… fucking miserable heartless cunt… just… cunt. :mad:


I wonder what it was all about.


As in, why she did it

Oh yeah, I’m sure she had a good reason for leaving a four year old on the side of a busy highway as he’s begging to be let back in and knocking him down while taking off.

It’s possible it was some sort of getaway heist

At least she stopped the car.

WTF? Are you being intentionally obtuse?

She is the child’s MOTHER.

Yeah but clearly it’s a criminal act. Like I’ve said with these groups of people anything’s possible.

These groups of people?!?!

Which group would they be? :dubious:




I hear people with the crime gene sometimes even pretend to wait for the child only to drive away when it tries to get inside the car again.

It wouldn’t suprise me. Sadism and all that.

Worthless fucking whore.

Hopefully this putrid cunt will kill herself instead of facing the legal consequences.

Ignore my last post; I apologise. That was uncalled for.

Shit, I’m testy today.

Countdown to Child Protective Services’ attempts to “reunite the family”: 3, 2, 1 and…

CPS does not make decisions about custody. Judges make those decisions. I find this kind of uninformed swipe at CPS workers to be uncalled for and offensive.

And I find this highly unprincipled assault on the judiciary you’ve launched by taking someone else’s swipe at CPS and, mutatis mutandis, applying it to judges via implication to be HIGHLY improper, Sir! Please apologize to judges, Tenar, and underprivileged minorities IMMEDIATELY or you’ll force me to feel offended.

How did I attack judges? All I did was say they made the decisions, which they do. I offered no opinion about the merit of those decisions. The swipe at CPS was both uninformed and uncalled for.

You may go fuck yourself now.