More human waste.

I believe you’ve been wooshed.

Fine, I was whooshed, but why?

Metacom, do you have some sort of real objection to anything I said? If so, what?

Exactly. CPS has as its mission to break up as many families as possible. If your kid falls of the swingset and gets a black eye and CPS hasn’t come by to haul them off to protective custody because you MUST be abusing them…well, obviously that means they’re overworked with a hell of a backlog and haven’t gotten around to you yet.

I agree, it’s uninformed and offensive to suggest that CPS has any interest in protecting families.

You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, moron. Shut the fuck up. Is it painful to be that stupid?

Oh, fuck off yourself.

Ooh…ignorant propaganda sites…on the internet…what a surprise.

Hey, fucko, I’ll say it again, CPS does not have the power to remove a child from a household. It can only be done by a judge.

Now fuck off, tool.

I tend to side with KGS on this issue. My family was “investigated” by CPS. We were cleared. After spending about $20,000 on legal and other fees, receiving abuse from CPS workers and those agencies they contract with, and being separated from our infant son.

Fuck CPS. Entirely.

They may actually do some good, but my experience with them was very bitter.

Why did you put “invsetigated” in quotation marks? Was it not really an investigation? Was there any REASON you were investigated? Hmmmm?

Or were the evil social workers just trying to take your kid for the pure sadistic pleasure of it?

I’m sure some people can cite some valid abuse stories from some overzealous individual workers, just like it’s possible to cite abuse stories by cops, by doctors, by priests, by soldiers, by hockey coaches, etc. But if anyone tried to smear any of those professions as a whole, tehy’d get crucified here.

Diogenes, don’t be a shit. If I offended you by disrespecting CPS, well, I would apologize, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

I won’t go into details, but the “investigation” was a sham. The police had no evidence with which to press charges, our kids’ own pediatrician disagreed with the diagnosis, and to top it off, we were completely innocent.

Two years of harassment, legally sanctioned harassment, for nothing.

FYI, I’m married to a former social worker who was completely ethical and I know that the vast majority of those who work for CPS are ethical, decent people who care about kids, who bust their asses to keep families together and who take a lot of underserved abuse from ignorant assholes who believe that they’re all a bunch of cartoon devils out to steal children.

I believe you were innocent but what set CPS on you to begin with? They didn’t pick your name out of the phone book, and if your child was removed, some judge must have believed there was at least a possibility of a serious problem. Did someone make a false allegation?

I’d imagine anyone could blame anyone really, I don’t think it’s a case of smoke and fire. CPS was set on my parents when a mother of another kid at preschool saw bruises all over me. It took about a 5 minute visit from CPS to realise that I was just a really clumsy kid but I can see how a ball could get rolling.

There usually has to be more than a bare accusation to get a child removed even temporarily (Not saying there was anything to whatever got Denis investigated for so long but there must have been something circumstantial that at least looked bad). What happened in your case is more typical. They come, they ask some questions, they leave. To get a judge to remove the child takes something fairly substantial.

Maybe I’m being oversensitive. I didn’t mean to hijack the thread. The woman in the OP is despicable. I don’t think charging her with neglect is nearly harsh enough and I hope she never sees that kid again.

Oddly enough, there are cases of the opposite occuring too, where families that shouldn’t be kept together are, with tragic consequences. This does not however imply that since there is a weird sort of “balance” that it’s all good. Incompetence on both sides isn’t fair for anyone.

Notice how a state with a large number of fuckups, at least on the “not stopping things” side, Florida, is also a state with an extremely small staff (and probably pay?) Not saying that taxes solve everything, but just sayin’…

Again…has anyone considered the woman may be MENTALLY ILL? What the fuck is wrong with you people? You’re all set to burn this woman at the stake without having any information on whether or not she’s even competent enough to realize what she’s doing! You’re a vicious lot, you are.

I would say “unbelievable”, but nothing surprises me anymore in this screwed up world we live in.

:mad: :mad:

I think it’s possible that she can be treated with just some vitamins and exercise. :rolleyes:

Seriously though. That poor little boy needs lots of hugs. :frowning:

She definately should not get the kid back. Even if she was found “MENTALLY ILL” and then somehow “CURED”.
But I would like to hear more about what was wrong with her. I would say anyone who left a child on a highway is “Mentally Ill”.
What is the full story, the link is dead.
I can’t really think of any rational non-criminal reason behind such an act.