This is not a pit, per se, but - was just admonished for NOT taking medical advice?

Are you kidding me? No really? You’re kidding, right?

Eskimo vs. Esquimau?

maneuver vs. manoeuvre?

I totally agree with Y Walker.

As FormerMarineGuy said, you could have googled for the info, but because you added that you weren’t allowed to have aspartame any more because of high blood pressure, it seemed like part of your question. It did to me and it obviously did to the people that really went out of their way to find information for you.

They weren’t offering you medical advice, but giving you links from some pretty reliable sources and instead of thanking them you got pretty nasty IMO. I can see getting a little frustrated if the question you asked wasn’t being answered, but the people that did answer seemed to have the best of intentions.

If someone gave me the information that they gave you, I’d have thanked them and printed the articles. Doctors aren’t infallible, they tell people to get a second opinion for a reason.

So if you ask a question about engine repair in GQ, and I come in and post that my crotch is shaved and I wear a ring in my clit you shouldn’t get annoyed because it’s factual information from a reliable source?

Good to know, good to know.

And really, Mr. Snarky Pants? OOOOO - Oh my God! I hope CurtC will recover from my biting repartee!!

It isn’t, gawd knows. Fergawdssake, unless it’s on a very minor matter (one that you’d never even bother to mention to your MD) don’t ask for or take Medical Advice from a MB- even this MB. Except the following “Hey that sounds serious, see your Doctor” or “Look at this cite and talk to your MD about it”.

I don’t think that’s what samclem meant. I don’t think he was giving you a hard time. However, your question was answered and you did say you choose to bypass the other info given you- which is fine and your right. Thus, once we can no longer help you, the thread should be closed, **samclem ** did exactly the right thing, even though I admit his wording confused me a little also.

I am not a Medical Doctor. I do have an advanced degree in “the life sciences” and (if I do say so myself) a pretty damn good researcher. I call myself a “Bureaucrat with a badge”. :smiley: If you need a Band-aid for your boo-boo, or an aspirin for your headache I can oblige. Other than that- don’t ask for or take medical advice from me, fergawdsakes. However some of those cites I dredge up could be very informative for your *real * MD, taken in context of your actual medical history.

We do have a couple real MD’s here, note. In general, they also say “don’t ask for or take medical advice from me” as you are not their patient, they have not examined you and they don’t have your medical history. That being said, they are wonderfully good sources to this board, and I personally appreciate their time and efforts here. Same for the other pros, too. :cool:

Yea, that’s exactly the same thing. :rolleyes:

Here is where some Dirty Old Man usually posts “cite?”. :wink: :smiley:

It is you who is the one kidding, surely.

“Mr. Snarky Pants” may be a mild insult, but it is a direct personal insult. Those are not allowed in GQ, or anywhere but the Pit. “Ms. Whiny Pants” isn’t a very strong insult either, but if I were to call you that anywhere but here, I’d be breaking the rules.

By the way, are you a troll?

Did you want opinions on the thread, or affirmations? When people ask, “Was I wrong?” (or “Was I wronged?”), I frequently find they confuse the two.

I do believe she’s asking for opinions on samclem’s comments on the closing of the thread. People are repeatedly warned and have been banned for offering medical advice on this board, yet samclem’s comments seem to mildly admonish the OP for “choosing to ignore” said medical advice. Like much of the moderation here in the last year or so, it does not compute.

Oh bullshit. She didn’t ask the question at all, even indirectly. The person who actully asked it was, lo and behold, the same guy who was being so damn snarky that she wasn’t showing the proper gratitude for answers to a question she didn’t even ask! For evidence, see post #9.

It was only then that people started answering that question, up until then every answer was only a direct answer to the specific question posed in the OP; which diet soft drinks don’t contain aspartame? And yet, even though it was CurtC who posed the secondary question, he then cops an attitude, declaring that “We have just pointed out that your doctor is apparently mistaken.” “We?” Really? As in, including CurtC, the guy who didn’t even know the answer in the fucking first place??!!??!!

No, the people who were chastising her for not taking medical advice from strangers on a message board were not answering her question at all, they were answering CurtC’s! She has a right to get a little annoyed that after respectfully declining to take unsolicited medical advice, that she kept getting pounded for being so foolish as to believe her own doctor over “reputable sources.” :rolleyes:

Well bully for you!

Hopefully that ring is either in the clitoral hood or labia, otherwise… ouch!

I agree with this. You were being overly defensive in the linked thread. People were just trying to help you out. They weren’t attacking your decision to remain skeptical on their medical advice, they were saying that you should just ignore the doctor. They were saying it would be worth asking your doctor about it. That’s not the same thing as following medical advice.

What, was it here when the OP went out of her way to try and nicely divert people from second-guessing her doctor?

I really don’t think alice could’ve said, “please don’t give me medical advice, I’m asking for drinks recommendations,” any more politely. But instead she gets accused of ignoring advice which wasn’t asked for and which in another context would’ve got the thread closed, and then … gets her thread closed. Bewildering.

I guess I can understand being frustrated by that, but it looks to me like there’s a lack of understanding on her part. From her posts it looks like she thought she had a choice between either ignoring her doctor and following the medical advice in the thread, or following her doctor and ignoring the medical advice in the thread. It looks like people were trying to tell her that she didn’t have to do either but she wasn’t getting it. If she was getting what they were saying it doesn’t look like it. I don’t blame people for wanting to make sure she got what they were saying.
I guess samclem wanted to stop the argument. It would have been better to just tell people to get back to the original discussion.
alice, I take back what I said about you being overly defensive. Maybe you were just confused.

Yet another example of Samclem being an ass.

No - I was getting it fine.

What I don’t get is why people were answering a question that I didn’t ask, and then getting annoyed when I said I wasn’t interested in their unsolicited medical advice.

Tell me, if someone randomly approaches you and says “You look pale - you need more iron!” Do you thank them, or say “Go fuck yourself.” If the former, you’re a doormat or a dumbass - your choice. If the latter - I can get behind that.

Furthermore - every medical thread on here get’s closed in about 2 seconds. Mine was not a medical thread - it was a thread about aspartame - that people chose to add a bunch of medical crap to it is not my fault or concern.

Finally, to all you Jr. Mods who are suggested that I should have been warned for calling someone “Mr. SnarkyPants” in GQ - well, wah. I don’t really give a shit about your opinion, nor should I. You’re not moderators, just the same as the “helpful” people in my GQ thread are not my physician. Anything you say might be interesting, but really has no bearing on how I’m going to conduct myself.

Yes, I’m a troll with 7,200 posts. I guess I’m not a very good one.

BTW - were you deprived of oxygen in the womb?

Neither, actually. I know that I wasn’t wrong. I asked a question about aspartame, which some very nice people answered for me - to them, thank you very much.

The fact that a bunch of other people decided to have their own little debate in my thread isn’t even of much concern to me.

My question is to samclem and my question is WTF? Are medical threads now ok here? Should I just eshew actual medical attention and get my facts here? Because aparenty, the advice that I get from anonymous strangers on a message board is more valuable than that which I get from my actual physician, who’s actually met me in person. Otherwise, me “ignoring” it wouldn’t merit a mention by a mod when closing my thread.

And with this post, you’ve shown you’re either too dense, too wrapped up in the OUT-RAGE! perpetrated against you, or some combination of both to have read this thread’s explanations.

**No, you shouldn’t “eschew actual medical attention” and the advice you get from strangers is not more valuable than that of your medical professional. However, it is possible for people to disagree with your medical professional and to post such without giving you advice. **

I’m not sure where you’re getting that “you may wish to enquire,” “you may want to think twice,” “check with him,” “speak with the doctor again,” "ask your doctor about it, “print out a few of the papers…and see what she says,” and “check out the advice of your doctor with reputable sources” is medical advice. You’re overreacting.