This is Sheriff Arpaio's idea of a school-protection posse

Arpaio has been slammed before for neglecting sex-crimes investigations in Maricopa County, AZ, while putting emphasis on more important things, like sweeps for illegal immigrants, and investigating Obama’s birth certificate. But this goes further – apparently his approach to sex-criminals is to recruit them to guard and protect schoolchildren. Story here:

But at least they’re not Mexican!

Total senile joke, our sherruf. I know some of those “posse” members, bunch of wannabes.

Well gosh, they’re being trained by Steven Seagal, that must count for something, right?

If they want to learn about Buddhism.

Which, all things considered, they really should.

Okay, so adding Arizona to the list of no-visit states…

Wait! I gotta better idea!

Relevant video clip. :smiley:

Nah. Too hot there. Especially near the elementary schools, what, with all that gunfire and security rubbing against kids.

The “win” is strong with this one.

I love how apropos that clip is to what this retard is doing.

I can’t believe he’s got support. A conversation with this man must reveal that he is in fact, *that *stupid. If he’s going to recruit sex offenders and criminals to “defend schools” then by golly you should be able to tell how dumb he is just by talking to him.

So, from the article you cited, Arpaio has 3,450 volunteers. And the article attempting to slam him points to one (1) sex offender and one (1) person charged with domestic abuse.

Unbelievable! But not in the way you think. :rolleyes:

So, how many sex offenders is too many?

One more than Arpaio hires.

Here is one Posse member that only cost the county $200kdue to incompetance.

The background check for Arpaio’s posse:

  1. Are they brown?

  2. Are you sure about that? Maybe they don’t look it, but have an Hispanic last name?

  3. You’re absolutely, 100% they’re not Mexican*?
    [sub]*“Mexican” consists, but is not limited to, anyone from any of them there “brown” countries, like Panama, South America, and Puerto Rico.[/sub]

Colbert quipped something along the lines of: “It takes amazing dedication to guard a school you’re not allowed within 500 feet of.”

Well, it’s hard to do background checks on people who want to volunteer at schools! And expensive! And time-consuming! You can’t expect Arpaio to have known this before coming up with his plan! What was he supposed to do, not hire sex offenders? Think of the chillllldrennnn!

Well, two would be a good start. At least then the kneejerking nitwit OP would have some ground to stand on when he claims “OMG! Arpaio is getting sex criminals to protect children!”

What does that say about the people of Maricopa County? They just re-elected him last year.

What do you think it says?

Let’s say, as you seem to suggest, that one is too many.

Unless you have Tom Cruise standing by with his team’s ability to look into the future, I don’t see what Arpaio could have done.

From here:

It’s technically true, then, to say that the Sheriff hired a sex offender. But the order of things seems important here: FIRST he was hired, THEN, some seven years later, he was arrested for sex offenses.

After his arrest, his employment with the Sheriff’s office was terminated – November 2009.

Based on this information, it appears to me that the claims above are pretty misleading.

What do you think?