This is SO much better. (I quit my job.)

Just an update, for anyone who has been just biting their nails wondering how I’m doing…(My computer has been acting up a lot, so my posting has been hit-or-miss for a while, unfortunately.)
ANYway. For several months, I was delivering papers and working in a catering kitchen. The kitchen was kind of fun, but after a while, I just hit the wall. I missed my kids. I had a psycho coworker. I was exhausted and bitchy and couldn’t get anything done around the house. And I caught myself spending more and more money on new clothes and takeout food, because I was too tired to cook or shop at Goodwill.
So I quit the kitchen job. That means more time at home with the kids–no daycare!–and more time to try to keep up with the housework. (I’m a terrible housekeeper, and keeping it at non-health hazard status just doesn’t come naturally to me.) The babies are happier because I don’t have to drag them out of bed early in the morning, and the older boys are happier because they don’t have to do the majority of the housework.
We’re pretty strapped right now, but in two weeks I’ll pick up another paper route, and that will put me back on my feet, I think. I’m putting a bunch of stuff on eBay, too, and that will help a bit.
Apparently, I picked the right time to quit, too, because the kids have all been sick. Tbone has an ear infection. The Weeping Princess had such a bad ear infection that her eardrum perforated and drained and for four days she smelled–I kid you not–like something had crawled into her ear and died. And my 14 year old has been through, in rapid sucession, a horrendous allergy attack, a sinus infection, and a severe strep infection that left his knees and ankles so painful that he could barely walk. He missed two weeks of school.

So, now that everyone is heavily medicated on antibiotics and eardrops and nasal sprays and everything under the sun…I feel pretty good! I feel like my old self again! I feel like…like…The Original Bodypoet!

Oh…and todd33rpm and I are looking at a house. More on that front when things develop.




Oh, bodypoet, I’m so happy for you! That’s wonderful news.

How’s your candle/soap/sachet business going?

Glad to hear everyone’s on the road to recovery. Best of luck with the house! :slight_smile:

It’s awful how kids always manage to get sick all at once isn’t it? I hope they’re all feeling better soon. Good luck with everything–if you feel this good about doing it, it can’t help but work out for the best.