This is some real tallent...

Two reasons I’m posting this.

  1. I love it is seriously good entertainment without vulgarity, but it seems to capture a bit of the 80s, and 90s at once, and it teaches good morals simply by not having bad morals.

  2. I was listening to Limozeen’s “Beacuse it’s Midnight”, thinking, “Yeah this reminds me of the 80s…but who the hell is Limozeen?” Turns out Limozeen “keep on zeenin’” was entirely invented by the brothers Chaps (the two who do the site). These brothers are not music artists, makes it even more incredible, because this song especially is very good fast paced and thus good to move to :slight_smile:

Of course…when I think of Music it’s never about dancability, only about drivability.

If the music just doesn’t enhance driving by 200% it’s just not good, but this song I think makes great road-music :slight_smile: