This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

The article is a very quick read, and – IMHO – worthwhile:

The actual study is a big-ass PDF (which doesn’t directly open via this link) that I may peruse the next time I’ve had too much coffee:


Its abstract:

Partisan media impacts voting behavior, yet what changes in viewers’ beliefs or attitudes may underlie these impacts is poorly understood. We recruited a sample of regular Fox News viewers using data on actual TV viewership from a media company, and incentivized them to watch CNN instead for a month using real-time viewership quizzes. Despite regular Fox viewers being largely strong partisans, we found manifold effects of changing the slant of their media diets on their factual beliefs, attitudes, perceptions of issues’ importance, and overall political views. We show that these effects stem in part from a bias we call partisan coverage filtering, wherein partisan outlets selectively report information, leading viewers to learn a biased set of facts. Consistent with this, treated participants concluded that Fox concealed negative information about President Trump. Partisan media does not only present its side an electoral advantage—it may present a challenge for democratic accountability.

When I read this my first thought was to wonder why they didn’t do complete comparison and have a group of regular CNN viewers who were or were not paid to watch Fox. Then I realized that if they tried they probably wouldn’t get it past the IRB since such a design would incur a sever risk on the participants while providing no benefit.

CalMeacham, as to what the Orange One would look like in the Mirror Universe, he’d probably be a fine upstanding citizen, since folks there were as their opposites in ours.

I went to WorldCon some years ago and during the costume display several folks were tricked out as Klingons from the Mirror Universe. The style of their uniforms was standard, but the colors were all pink, mauve, and other pastels. They were crew from the Imperial Flower Ship Dimples.

Today is a good day to tie dye.

“Set disruptors to fuchsia! Engage the Day-Glo cloaking device! Qa’Pla!!!”

Sorry to get this back on track about Fox being liars, but they were using doctored videos to claim that no one was talking to Biden and he was walking around lost:

They are now at the level of Project Veritas in terms of reliability.

At this point, Fox News should just shorten their name to FN, the way Russia Today became RT. Just for the sake of consistency.

That is wonderfully sick.

I still remember how they minced around the stage.

What is worse is that there are many Ukrainian refugees arriving at the border, besides their usual “undesirables” as they describe them. Fox News are made of lying fucks… inhumane lying fucks I may add.

‘We’re just soo pro life! We just love everyone’s babies! Killing babies is evil’
‘How do you feel about undocumented aliens?’
‘Let them fuckin anchor babies starve!’
‘Umm, what was that that you said about evil again?’

Matthew 25:35
For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in…

Wonder what kind of a person would say such an evil thing…

I think you spelled that word wrong.

Now I have the theme song for that old cartoon Inhumanoids running through my head.

It’s crucial to understand that Fox New hosts and their viewers see NO contradiction and NO hypocrisy in their claims to be pro-life (and pro-baby), with their calls to starve any infants who are part of families waiting at the US border.

And this is because they do not see those infants as being human.

Quite literally, they see those infants as being vermin.

So it is impossible to shame them, no matter how loudly they profess to be Christians, by quoting the words of Christ. They do not believe that Christ intended empathy toward all—only empathy toward fellow-whites.*

The babies at the border are not babies at all, to today’s right. They are vermin, and starving them is the right–and righteous–thing to do.

It matters not at all that Christ himself was not white; Fox News hosts and viewers believe that he was.

“Jesus was a white man, too. It’s like we have, he’s a historical figure that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa”
Megyn ‘Bubble Headed Bleach Blonde #6’ Kelly

Dollars to donuts at least one of them has said about the Savior, “But He was one of the good ones”.

kinda white-ish

More like Jesús (“hay-SOOS”.)

(BTW there were a good number of middle eastern guys that emigrated to Latin America early in the 20th century, some of my ancestors were that and many have confused me for a middle Easter guy in the past)

I always thought that Midldle Easter was the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

“Easter” is more east, so middle easter would be totally east plus just a bit.