This name ok??

I’m new. Looked around awhile and think I’d like to join up. However, I am aware that this board has a -history-. Apparently, the name I’ve chosen is currently available, but was it, or very similar name, ever used in the past, such that it may now cause folks some confusion?


There are a couple of similar names on the board, but don’t let that stop you.

How mean and how old??



There’s Cranky_as_an_old_man

Well, you might incur the wrath of CrankyAsAnOldMan since it’s sort of similar and she’s … well, cranky as an old man, but I wouldn’t sweat it.

Hmmm, well that was that other guy who used the name meayoungguy:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the SDMB! :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll need more practice before I become clever… so, I’ll mention that I am “only” 48, and meanoldman is more of an aspiration than a description. I want to be the guy sitting on the front porch, yellin at the kids to stay off the lawn… meanwhile, the Mrs. will be feeding them cookies at the back door. It’ll give me something to do in my later years. It’s a big dream… reachin for the stars and all, but I just gotta try!

I don’t know… Since, you’re not actually old right now, perhaps you should change it to meanmoldman while you wait to get good and old. Plus, it’s scarier.

“Watch out kids, here comes the mean Mold Man! Aaahhh!!”

See, much scarier.

Don’t know if it’s taken, but I prefer Professor Lilloman myself…

I thought the spacing was different and there was an implied question mark at the end:

Me an old man?

So it has some nice ambiguity to it. Oh, and hello, welcome, watch out for goats and calamari, etc.

Dr. Richard Harpo Thorndyke: “Professor Little Old Man!!!”
Professor Lilloman: “It’s pronounced ‘lil-OL-mun’!”

…or something like that.

Thanks. You lost me on the ‘goats and calamari’ though. Anything I should know?

A high school friend heard the phrase amino acid, and he made the mental leap to amino hag. I remembered that when I saw your name, meanoldman.

About a dozen fraternal organizations have inside jokes about warning the rookies to be careful about the goat in the initiation ceremony. As for the calamari, y’on y’own there. I don’t have any truck wit no squids, no sir.

If you are a supporter of the Governator, you could be me anold man.

Porch-sitters rock! Have a cookie!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who first saw Me An Old Man in your username. (Hi, Shibb!) Welcome! I like the Prof. Lilloman too. We’re a pretty easy going bunch here in MPSIMS. I pronounce that MIP SIMS, though I’ve been told that is wrong too. Who knows? Who cares? ::shrugs::

All newcomers must get their obligatory hug. I, being one of the resident Hugaholics[sup]TM[/sup], am happy to oblige, and am incapable of rendering only one hug. Here ya go:
{{{{{{meanoldman}}}}}} Welcome!

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yikes, how’d I miss this last night? I’m usually one of the first to arrive with, well, the “equipment” we use for the initiation.

Here – put on this shower cap and wait over there by the steelclad door. Don’t worry about any sloshing or maah-ing you may hear in the other room. The rest of the welcoming comittee will be along soon. It’s time to go to your happy place now, ifyouknowwhatImean.


Hello! And welcome!

I don’t think your name is going to cause any problems.


But ~ I kinda prefer This name ok?? as a user name.

But that’s just me.

Name suggestions & inspirations.

twicks! Where are those lollipops! And where’s the order of green Jello I placed yesterday? throwing up hands

Whooops… Hi there, meanoldman! big kiss Welcome to the boards!