This name ok??

Hello meanoldman, be welcome. enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

I figured you were a film buff recounting that time some less-sophisticated moviegoer exclaimed “Gary Cooper was great as Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK!”, to which you gave the withering response: “You mean Oldman.” Oh well, ambiguous screen names can be intriguing – Mangetout had the French phrase mange tout (eat all) in mind, but some people read the moniker as “man get out”. There’s also uncleangus – is he Uncle Angus or Unclean Gus? Anyway, welcome!

Tum tum ta da!

Look! On the park bench!
Its a grouch!
No, its a miser!

No!.. its… MEAN OLD MAN!
Oooooh! Aaaaaah! lots of finger pointing

Say, didn’t he take on **annoyingkids ** and **parkbenchstealer ** in Issue #512?

::Evil grin::
Let’s just say that the new guy is in for a suprise tonight!

With malice afore thought