This person thinks I am anti-Semitic from a FB post (this thread can put me on thin ice). Thoughts?

[link removed by Bone]
This is 1 of my FB friends. She is a liberal Jew and a voice actress. She is the wife of famed voice [deleted by Bone].

My response to Toby: “Then again, they live near Hollywood which has a lot of Jews. The Jewish tradition of Hollywood dates back to when the Hollywood movie industry started back in 1910. Before that, the movie capital was Fort Leet, NJ.” (I mean to spell “Leet” as “Lee”).

My response to Nicolas: “Two notable reasons for the move to Hollywood was because of the climate and to escape the patent monopoly the various companies making up the Edison Trust held. In other words, the movie companies (notably, those what would become the Fox Film Corporation, Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures) were using the Trust’s patents in movie equipment without a license. So, it is true that the Hollywood film industry was built in part on piracy. Ironic that the big studios lobby Congress for longer or stricter copyright terms when some of them started out using the public domain (namely, the Walt Disney Company) or via patent infringement.”

I am putting the responses here because because I deleted them on the page. I am not about to re-confront a liberal who could block me.

OK, so my statement to Toby could have been not written at all or written as something like “Jewish celebrities have a strong history with the Hollywood area. That tradition dates back to the start of the Hollywood film industry which began in 1910. Before that, the movie capital was Fort Lee, NJ”.

My posts to Toby and Nicolas were between 7:45PM-8:15PM Arizona time on 12/21/2017.

-Toby and Nicolas’ above posts have since been deleted.

What is your take on this?

I removed a link that identified a specific person to avoid the appearance of a call to act. The discussion is fine without that piece of identifying information.


My take is that they thought you were anti-Semitic before this exchange. While your posts by themselves didn’t appear anti-Semitic in context (I saw the link before it was removed) if I were wary of someone your posts would certainly ping my radar.

Why did you decide to post your first response the way you did? It didn’t look like she was looking for commentary.

Perhaps it isn’t clear because of information that is missing. Just reading what is available above, though, I hear a hint of anti-Semitism in the way you refer to Jews in your “response to Toby”. I take it you are introducing the subject of Jewish people to some other conversation, not necessarily for any particular reason, so it sounds off. I never hear why you’re making the point.

That’s my take. Again, if I’m missing information then my take may not be relevant.

What was your response in response to? Without knowing that, there is no context for this baffling exchange.

…before the link was removed, the best I could tell was that this was in response to somebody saying “Happy Hanukkah.”

OK, I tend to post without thinking. Also, my post to Toby was trying to indicate since the Jews really pioneered the Hollywood film industry in the 1910s, it makes sense the Epcars are Jewish. Now, I can see that would be insensitive, but anti-Semitic is stretching for me. Also, the “liberal Jew” was not added to any of those FB posts. That was added for this thread.

The link is This person thinks I am anti-Semitic from this FB post. - Imgur. I edited the pictures so that only the 1st names are mentioned.

I’m half jewish, the wrong half, and I have seen all these worlds. I’m not sure it’s fair but when a conservative begins a phrase with “The Jews…” it has so many ways it can go bad, it’s almost as many as have already gone bad.

Every time it was said, for about 1900 years there or so, it meant some of the worst things ever.

So what can a conservative speaking to a jew offer them by telling them how “The Jews…” survived and thrived?

I get a sense that you place a lot of importance on the political and the religious “side” someone is on, just from your post. This may be off putting to someone who is operating under the assumption that you are just two people, fellow citizens and humans.

I guess it was more of the spirit vs. the letter of what I wrote. However, anti-Semitic it was not intended to be. I wasn’t trying to indicate they had success as Jews in Hollywood because Hollywood (the film industry version whereas it as a town/real estate was founded by a Methodist or Lutheran over 24 years before that). I was saying it makes sense they that are Jewish since there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood.

I’d say that if you post without thinking on a regular basis, I would advise at minimum to not post anything about “the Jews”.

Yes, you come off as insensitive, if not actually anti-semitic, and worth being wary of in that department.

Culturally sensitive people do not refer to Jewish people as “the Jews”. Nor do they hint at “the Jews” engaging in piracy or dominating an industry (for their own nefarious purposes?).

You don’t have to ‘intend’ to be anti-semitic to be offensive. You just have to be insensitive. Very few of even the most egregiously offensive remarks will anyone ever admit to have intended to offend.

The way the OP talks about “liberals” as if they’re members of a rival gang, makes me think he probably has an ongoing pattern of interacting with people online in ways that aggravate them, and that this latest incident is the culmination of some building resentment on the part of his “friends”.

I will consider the statements to be insensitive (what I told Toby). I have gotten myself in hot several times for stating such insensitive or potentially insensitive comments on several voice actor/actress’ FB pages. Even been blocked a few times.

ETA: Meh, I think the other posters said it better than I could.

I mean, it seems like your response to “Happy Hannukah!” was, “Did you know the Jews control Hollywood?” To be charitable, that seems like an odd response.

And what’s up with that, exactly? Are you, like, an avid fan of voice actors specifically?

I’ve used Facebook to reach out to numerous people that, while perhaps not household names, are accomplished musicians and writers that I have admired, and who have a degree of celebrity. In some cases, fairly major. I consider myself really lucky when they accept my friend request, so I’m always extremely respectful if I have any occasion to comment on stuff they post. They reply in kind, and a proper two-way communication can develop. And after a while, you can have a legit online friendship with really cool and influential people. Why fuck this up by being rude?

I’ve witnessed melt-downs by other fans who are FB friends with famous people, where they get extremely argumentative and arrogant and wind up getting unfriended or blocked. It’s like, why go out of your way to aggravate someone who you should consider yourself fortunate to be FB friends with? They don’t know you from Adam and they accepted your friend request and are willing to allow you a degree of access to them…be nice, for fuck’s sake! You don’t have to kiss ass, just be nice!

They do Eng. dubs for anime. In the last 10 minutes, I got blocked by her and Richard. However, since I have another FB account (Against the rules, I know). I will see what they post. Call it stocking if you want, but I will make sure not to use the Like button or reply under my other account.

Also: You are an anonymous poster to this person, and not a conversant.

“Someone I don’t know likes to talk about the Jews. Why don’t we see where this leads?”

Yeah, that’s pretty much stalking. Just leave these people alone, you’re not very good at taking a hint.

Okay then, I’ll call it stalking.

What exactly do you mean, “I will see what they post”? Do you think they’re going to post that they blocked a “friend” because he made comments that offended them? Do you believe your contributions to their threads are so notable that their other friends will notice that you aren’t posting there anymore?

It seems pretty clear to me why they’ve blocked you. What more do you expect to learn?

By the way, William Fox and Adolph Zukor were born in Hungary; Carl Laemmle in Germany; Mark Dintenfass in what’s now Poland; Pat Powers in Ireland; and David Horsely in England. Isn’t it just as relevant to say that Fox, Universal and Paramount were founded by immigrants?