This pro-Hillary rant is cathartic for me

Fucking right it is!

So. Fucking. True. Can you imagine a wild-haired, rumpled woman yelling about Wall Street and inequality? It would be like that Onion article: she’d be hauled away to the psych ward.

So what about Liz Warren? If anything she’d probably be doing better compared to Sanders had she run.

My first thought as well. She’s basically Sanders, except doesn’t have the nutty professor persona and is more electable.

Yeah, she is probably kicking herself at this point. I would have had a tougher choice to make if she were running, for sure.

Wow, what?

Progressives aren’t mad at Hillary for not being a shouty Janis Joplin or Roseanne. Progressives are mad at Hillary for her actual record of votes.

This is chaff. And for the record, I’d love a shouty female politician. How is that the loudest country in the world has such soft-spoken politicians?

How come pro-Hillary always means anti-someone else? When is Hillary going to stand for something?

She’s not wrong, but I still laughed at this part.

Anyway, Sarah Palin is fairly popular on the right and she’s completely unhinged. Lots of misogynistic slurs from libs against her too. Nice hair though, I guess.

She stands for lots of things, most of which I wholeheartedly support:

Bullshit. You know why she can’t get away with that? Because it doesn’t work if you don’t have integrity. Jill Stein’s far more of the “wild haired and yelling” sort, and I’d trust her a lot more than I would Clinton even when I disagree with her, because Hillary is a snake.

Yep, nailed it in one. I’m sad that I gave this rant a page view, now.

Sure. She stands for whatever she thinks the most people stand for today. Even the worst of the scumbags running on the GOP don’t need a notebook to tell them what they stand for.

Funny, you spit that out like an epithet, but to me it sounds like the Platonic ideal of representative democracy.

And unlike Bernie’s vague “free candy for all” (unless you’re on Wall Street) platitudes, her plans strike me as achievable agenda items that will really help people, even if Bernheads would scorn them as smallball. Her autism plan is given particular focus there, and as the father of two children on the spectrum, I guarantee you it is more on point than anything any other candidate is offering, including Sanders.

At least the GOP makes promises to the sheep that they won’t fulfill. If you’re satisfied with a few trinkets while she continues her only consistent policy of turning the treasury over to the rich then you may get what you want.

Cite on turning of the Treasury over to the rich?

And why “At least”?

Is that why they are carting Elizabeth Warren to the psych ward? The fact of the matter is that Hillary is not a radical left wing liberal. She is fairly comfortable with wall street, not so much with inequality.

Here you go:

Cite on Warren shouting, with unkempt hair?

Beat to the punch.

…by 11 hours.

Her honeymoon?

It’s somewhat true (the OPs point). I was watching CNN on Iowa Caucus night and in Hillary’s speech she started to get a bit loud (the “I believe we will…” part) and the commentators mentioned that she seemed too angry, to which I was like, wait, wait… Sanders’ normal speaking voice seems to be twice as angry sounding as that.