This rocks!!

I love the “members” feature!

I love the “go to last post” feature in each thread listing!

I love how quickly you guys made the switch! I stand in awe of yer abilities, clap you on your collective backs and scream “Let this be our Independence Day!” – sorry, movie flashback.

Well, I’m off to root around a bit more…

Well this is a neat little addition. Of course, now that we can view users by post count I have to make an extra special effort to move up the post count list.

Wow, and I really like the way it goes to the last read post in the same thread you just posted in. Much better than going back to the main page. Kudos to all of the people who put in time on this.

The “first new post” down arrow button is helpful too!

What “Mully” said. I see I’m number 11 - just another “also ran” again!

I got used to popping back to the forum page instead of back to the thread. I guess I’ll have to get re-used to it again.

Cool toys. I like it. And I wish all y’all would quit posting so that I wouldn’t keep getting the “too many connections” error messages… I see that I have an awful lot of catching up to do.

Well, the members list is at least temporarily disabled.

…not the outer board MPSIMS like it used to be - or is it just me?

I like the go to last post in the profiles .

lurkernomore your right . Before the software change over it was this way ie. you go back to the tread and not the forum. Guess well all have to get used to it again.

I like it going back to the thread, myself. Easier for me to see if the freaking post actually went THROUGH.

My other favorite “new” feature (not really new, since it used to do this): it once again puts in the name of people you quote if you use the “Reply with Quote” feature. Handy for those long convoluted GD threads…