This room smells like chocolate

Just one room in my flat. I don’t know why.

It’s not coming from outside, as it tends to built up when the windows are shut.

There is no chocolate in that room. Just an unused bedroom with nothing in it.

It’s been like that for years.

<spooky voice> It’s the ghost of Milton Hershey. <sv>

Can you get him to come haunt my house? It mostly smells like dog.

I haven’t been in a long, long time, but the whole town of Hershey, PA used to smell of chocolate. You used to be able to do plant tours, too. That was boss.

Isn’t there a species of spider that smells sort of like chocolate? But to make a whole room smell, there would have to be thousands of them in the walls.

Thousands and thousands.

Did the lady of the house spill some Coco Chanel in there? :slight_smile:

Maybe this orchid is blooming in the room, and no one ever noticed.

The petals contain potassium benzoate… That’s bad.

My kid’s room smells like ass and feet. Chocolate would be a huge improvement.

You are an evil, evil person. :wink:

I paneled an interior wall of my workshop with pegboard. Just used it like sheetrock. Every now and then a fucking spider will come through a hole and do his thing. Creeps me right the fuck out! :eek:

The E.U., FDA, Canada and, most importantly, Coca-Cola disagree with you. Potassium Benzoate is a ubiquitous food preservative.

Don’t worry burpo–somebody got it.

Can I go now?

My bedroom smells like cigarettes ever so faintly.

I don’t smoke, never have.

My landlord doesn’t smoke; never has.

My neighbors don’t smoke or allow smoking in their homes.

I’ve shampooed the carpet and totally cleaned the room. Still the random occasional smell of ciggies. It’s weird.

But it comes with a free frogurt.

Update, room now smells of burning. Possibly the bonfire outside may be related.

Further investigation reveals cobwebs, but not many. They are attached to a chair, which I am entirely confident is not 90% by weight spiders. And, as I am entirely confident, there is no reason to investigate further.

No Coco Chanel, nor any women.

No apparent orchids.

Further developments, if any, will be reported.

This is a crazy thought: Do you have old windows that have pocket weights? Someone may have unscrewed the panel and dropped a chocky into the weight space. Of course, after a lot of time has passed, you would think a candy bar would stop smelling of chocolate and would smell rotten, then stop smelling at all. Still…

I don’t have a room that smells like chocolate, but I do have mysterious smell in my dryer. It smells really good after I dry a load of clothes. I could make a lot of money if I could bottle and sell it. That might not seem like a strange thing, but I use unscented laundry detergent and I don’t use fabric softener, so where is that smell coming from? I open up the dryer and I just want to stick my head in there and just breathe in and smell it. Maybe I’m hallucinating a smell, but it happens every time I use the dryer. :confused:

My FIL re-did his basement bathroom, and neglected to install a membrane under the shower. The surrounding area has acquired a strong artificial chocolate smell, oddly enough much like chocolate flavoured condoms. :o

Is the bedroom adjacent to a room with water?

Count your blessings. I have a room that smells like B.O. Can’t figure out the source–we’ve had the carpets shampooed & repainted the walls, but the B.O. smell persists. Sometimes it’s barely detectable and other times it’s pretty strong. I’d prefer chocolate.