This seems like an insane amount of work and expense for a sight gag

The New Apple Wheel Notebook

I’m gonna guess it’s not real and that the people ‘playing’ with it work for the onion.

ETA, by ‘not real’ I mean…I mean I know it’s the onion, but I’m gonna guess it’s just a computer running an mpeg with a facade over the keyboard.

That being said, I want the next gen. It’s four ounces lighter due to not having a hard drive, wheel or screen, especially since I’ll just be using it for dicking around.

I agree - especially as one obvious part of the gag is that it’s actually difficult to control - any discrepancies between what appears on the screen and what the user is doing on the (fake) wheel are obscured anyway. Out of the whole video, there are only a few seconds in total where the screen can be seen at the same time as the user’s interaction with the wheel.

I want this one - it’s virtually unbreakable, unless dropped or hit.

Did you see how cool the predictive text sentences are? For example, “The aardvark asked for a ride.”

I’m just like the guy in the piece: “I’ll buy anything that’s shiny and made by Apple.”

They aren’t too far off the mark.
Isn’t the whole point of Apple to create a world where people no longer have to understand language and jst srt 2 rt lk illtrt iDiots?

That’s Nokia, not Apple, really.

Everything is just a few hundred clicks away.
I love it.

My favourite was ‘The abortion went well.’.

Yes, a great feature, because people never drop something meant to be carried around :dubious:

c def 4 whoosh…



got me :smack:

A funny comment I heard recently about Apple was : When you walk by the Apple store you can actually see the smugness billowing out the door.

“It remains to be seen if the Wheel will catch on in the business world where computers are used for actual work and not just dicking around.”


The production values the Onion brings to bear on these video spots never fails to impress me.

I’m especially impressed by the female anchor, who does a perfect newscaster elongated-terminal-vowel. “What’s-his-face at the convention, has moooooooore.”

The news ticker is hilarious. “Study finds horseback riding just an expensive form of sitting.”

I like how the smallest 8 GB version is $2,900. I can’t wait until it comes out in 3 to 15 months.

My favorite was “The ass brayed at the moon.”

“the assumptive agricultural expert eyed our absinthe suspiciously”

Me neither. That’s why the video Onion pieces are so priceless. It’s not “an insane amount of work and expense,” because they make it look so real, and the actors play it so real, that if you weren’t listening to what they are saying, you’d think it were just another news piece about “technology.” Then you listen to what they’re saying, and the cognitive dissonance hits you–and that’s the basis for the greatest satire. Once that happens, you see the point they’re making (though that point is often simply about how inane T.V. “news” is). It’s worth all the expense and and work, and it’s a lot more than a mere “sight gag.”

They’re completely on the mark.
“Our goal is create products that are simple to use, and nothing could be more simple than a single, giant button.”

“We’re giving customers features they don’t even realize they want yet.”

I’ll never understand why Apple users put up with the condescension Apple heaps on them.

“It comes in colors.” Really? Then I guess I’ll buy one. What colors do you have?

Not language, just the very technology they’re using. Apple users have the same needs as any other computer users. But Apple wants to appeal to the people who refuse to even try to understand the very machines they are using.

Think different? No, more like, “Don’t think.”

Yes, they’ve clearly done their homework. You have to appreciate that attention to detail.