This site is fast paced!

I’m used to smaller, more intimate boards. Can you guys keep up with all the posts?

Yes. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have 635 other threads to follow up on.

Damn you Q.E.D.…you beat me to it.

I just signed up for a smaller, more intimate board a few weeks back but I find it so boring there that I only posted three times. I’m hooked on the SDMB ride and I ain’t ever leaving.

I started a thread like this in December when I first started out, Mr Jim, but it comes to you sooner or later.

It’s an adventure though… that’s for sure.

I also signed up for a smaller, more intimate, more sexually attractive board. But I soon gave it the bums rush for the SDMB’s darker, rougher, meatier, more succulent board.


Mr Jim, the secret is to get to know whose posts are worth reading and whose are just a waste of your precious time. Since you’re new, I’ll help you out - every word produced by my dancing fingers is pure wit, wisdom, and wonderfulness.

You’re welcome.


Ha, yeah. This has happened to me, too. I signed up for a knitting board that looked really cool, but the only topic that got more than a couple of posts per day was the one about yarn snobbery. :confused: Since I didn’t need to check it every day, I stopped remembering to check it at all.

My beloved Fametracker is a lot slower than this board, too, but there are a zillion active topics at once, which makes it worthwhile, even though each thread grows pretty slowly.

Anyway, welcome to the boards, Mr Jim. No, I can’t keep up with all the posts. The moderators can’t even keep up with all the posts, and they’re being paid to do it. :wink:

What I do, and what I suspect others do as well, is to start with the forums that I am more interested in, and become selective about what thread topics I click on. I start with the BBQ Pit because if there is something “interesting” going on elsewhere on the board, usually some fallout lands there. If people are interested enough to talk about a thread in another thread, then it’s probably worth a gander. Also, other board members will sometimes tell me to look at a particular thread.

The SDMB is the only reason I have cable internet access.

I found this board just last month and now I am totally hooked. I can’t think of a better reason to turn on the computer.

I love the fast pace of the SDMB. I love Fathom too, don’t get me wrong, but I only check on that board every couple of days, whereas on the SDMB there’s something new every day.

Oh, and Mr Jim, don’t forget to thank the hamsters.

Is it? Hadn’t noticed. Brain the size of a planet, you know?

The site, yes. The server, no.

Shhh! They’re not supposed to know that. Now they’ll start to suspect that Ed’s been funnelling all their paychecks to me.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Drooling a bit right now.

You know you’ve been a Doper for too long when you disagree with the OP.

I disagree with the OP a lot of the time. What is wrong with that? Do you think the opinion in the OP is sacred or something?

[ul]:smack: [sup]Oh, you mean the OP in this thread. Sorry[/sup][/ul]

I remember the olden days… 1997 or so… the board was on AOL and you’d start at the top and just read the whole board, then start at the top again, and read all the new posts…

…and it was just the two forums: General Questions and Comments on Cecil’s Columns. And we’d go over and pester the “Comments” people for asking questions in that forum.

Welcome. Thankfully after a few weeks you will be able to skip all the threads with titles like “Confusing card trick” and “Impossible vocabulary riddle” and “I’ve got a blank in my blank, TMI” and whatever you do, do NOT open the thread about the ell oh are dee oh eff tee aitch ee are eye en gee ess* being written by other people or we’ll never see you again.
My advise, stick to GQ at first and then add new forums as you master that one.

*Why oh you kay en oh double you, ess pee ee ell ell aye en gee oh you tee pee oh ess tee ess ell eye kay ee tee aitch ae tee double you oh you ell dee em ae kay ee ef oh are ae are ee ae ell ell why aye em pee oh ess ess aye bee ell ee tee oh are ee ae dee tee aitch are ee ae dee.

Osiris, that was the most traumatic thing I’ve read since, well, yesterday (that inexplicable thread on the D&D film).

At any rate, I’m curious about why Troy McClure disagrees with the OP. The few message boards I’ve ever checked besides this on were terribly slow-paces comparatively.

I only look at them once every several months and there is no real difference each time.