THIS song sound just like THAT song.

Oh, I thought of another. The bass line in Tame Impala’s “Elephant” sounds just like (to me) the bass line in Pink Floyd’s Money. Maybe only in parts, but every time I hear the Tame Impala song, I start singing the Pink Floyd song and it still works.

The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” and Bob Dylan’s “Fourth Time Around.”

That’s funny, “Elephant” always reminds me of a Queens of the Stone Age song, “No One Knows”, except played slowly.

My favorite example-

1970: Shocking Blue: "Venus"

1963: The Big Three (including pre-Mama’s and Papa’s Cass Elliot): "The Banjo Song"

Also, “La Bamba” and “Twist and Shout” sound very similar to my ears.

Free’s “All Right Now” and the Steve Miller Band’s “Rock ‘n’ Me.”

The Stones’ “Jumping Jack Flash” and the Kinks’ “Catch Me Now, I’m Falling” and Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing.”

The Stones’ “Satisfaction” and Neil Young’s “Mr. Soul.”

An example I saw on the other day:

Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out (especially once you get past the first minute or so) sounds a lot like Ringo Starr’s Back Off Boogaloo, as well as Led Zeppelin’s Trampled Underfoot.

I like this game!

There’s a passage in Black Sabbath’s Acrobat that sounds just like the Tremolos’ the Bad Times Are Good - it begins at 4:43.

Also, Black Sab’s Killing Yourself To Live has an opening that sounds as if Judas Priest borrowed it and built it into the song***Living After Midnight. ***

The Doors’ “Hello, I Love You” and the Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night.” I heard somewhere that Jim wrote his version just to piss off Ray and Dave.

Several years later, Neil acknowledged this link in a song lyric. Can’t recall the song at the moment.

Anyway…one of my favorites for these threads is the end of the middle section of the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life,” and Deep Purple’s “Hush.” Both are from 1967 – I’m pretty sure they were independent inventions.

OMG…I just listened to the Ray Charles song, and you’re absolutely right. I’m a big ELO fan, and I never knew about this, either. I’m really surprised that there was never a lawsuit over it.

I’ve always maintained that the X-Files Theme sounds like the music to the old 60’s TV series The Mothers-in-Law, but played more slowly and “spookily”.

Guadalcanal Diary-“Always Saturday”

Alabama-“I’m in a Hurry”

Lynne Hamilton-“On The Inside”

Alabama-“Christmas in Dixie”

Stairway to Heaven and While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Home by Phillip Phillips and I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. I really love this mashup!

Some Nights by Fun and Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel.

That’s pretty good, I never noticed that. Actually, “Hush” was written and originally recorded in 1967 by Joe South, but the original version also has that part that resembles “A Day in the Life.” (Deep Purple’s is from 1968).

Sorry not to link, but I forgot how. Anyway, Webber and (not Lorenz) Hart’s “Music of the Night” is spookily reminiscent of Lerner and Loewe’s “Come to Me, Bend to Me”. And if I can remember the name of the Korean song the first six notes of whose “la, la” chorus are identical to those of J. Geils Band’s (later) “Centerfold” chorus, I’ll post it here.

Lata Mangeshkar’s “Gumnaam Hai Koi” sounds like Henry Mancini’s “Charade.”

Yoko Ono’s “I’m Your Angel” sounds like Walter Donaldson’s “Makin’ Whoopee.” (I like Yoko, but in all honesty she screwed the pooch on that one.)

Dylan’s song predated S&G’s version by 3 or 4 years.

[QUOTE=cochrane;16787035Greg Ham is reported to have been despondent at the decision, saying that the lawsuit is the only thing he would be remembered for.[/QUOTE]

More than just despondent, I’d say.

Henry Thomas, Bulldoze Blues:

Canned Heat, I’m Goin’ Up The Country: